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Jun 24, 2006 11:44 PM

Great Beer AND Great Food!

We're fellow Chowhounds from Toronto, and we will be visiting Montreal next month.

We're looking for a place that serves a large variety of beer, from all parts of the world, including your great city! It would also be great if it was a restaurant/bar that served fabulous food as well..

Any suggestions? We're staying at the Sofitel Montreal, and would prefere to walk, however if there's a great place further away it's worth the cab!


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  1. Check out Biere & Compagnie on St-Denis and St-laurent..If you like mussels go Monday and Tuesday's...Have fun!

    1. I wouldnt say Bières & Compagnie serves GREAT GREAT food...but their mussels are very good, the atmosphere is great and they have LOTS of beers. However, a lot of people, including myself, had very bad experiences at the one on St-Laurent. So I suggest you try the one on St-Denis!

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      1. re: Frenchie

        The St. Laurent B&C closed months ago. The St. Denis one is open. The mussels are great, and as implied above, are "all you can eat" on Monday and Tuesday. An enormous selection of beers.

      2. Am unware of any place that meets all your criteria.

        For great food and good beer, head to brewpub Réservoir (9 Duluth East, 514 849-7779).

        Au Pied du Cochon has great food and a few of the great St-Ambroise beers on tap (if you like stout, you gotta try thiers)

        If your interest in local beer trumps your interest in food, check out:
        - Dieu du Ciel
        - Le Cheval Blanc
        - and L'Amère à boire whose Czech-style pilsner is so authentic it's the house beer at the Czech consulate.

        Edit: Bières & compagnie has a website though Frenchie's right about the food.

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        1. re: carswell

          Thanks for the info! I can't wait to try your suggestions!

        2. Hi,

          One of the bistro I use to go is "Le Barbare" on St-Denis, 100 meters north of Mont-Royal. At Le Barbare you get a huge and delicious Brie-Hamburger for 9$. (I'm coming back from London and a simple fish & chips is 20$!) For beers, you will find 4 of the 5 Mc Auslan ales (Montreal brewery), and espacially the two most interesting ones: Cream ale and Oatmeal Stout. Some Boréale and other common breweries.

          I agree with the previous post for Dieu du Ciel (best beer in Quebec) and l'Amère à boire. No food but excellent homemade beers.

          The problem for restaurant is that every beer importation goes through SAQ. And there are so few beer distributors that furnish SAQ stores. In my experience, the best restaurants with large choice of imported beers are:

          - Pub St-Alexandre, rue St-Jean Quebec city
          - Le bistro des bières belges, Longueuil
          - Bière et compagnie, rue St-Denis Montréal (by the way, the one on St-Laurent is closed).

          Alexandre D.

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          1. re: Alex

            I'm pretty sure those people have been here and gone already, but let me just say that the food at Le Barbare is only good in a pinch. This is not a food destination. They serve frozen fries and their beer selection is the same as every other place in the plateau/mile-end. I'm not saying it's not a nice neighbourhood bar, but it's certainly not worth going out of your way to try.

            As for the rest, I agree with carswell 100%.