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Iced Tea

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The other day while lunching out, I had the most delicious rasberry iced tea. The flavor was so intense. I've bought rasberry iced tea for home use before but don't remember it being so good. I should have asked the waitress what brand they used. Is there a big difference from brand to brand? If so, what is your favorite brand? It is definitely ice tea wheather here in So. Cal.

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  1. Lipton's Sun Tea works the charm for me. We go through 2-5 gallons a week.

    1. Where do you get the raspberry tea? I would prefer to get it in larger quantities? Also green tea? I love them both but refuse to pay the big bucks?

      1. Upton Tea has a raspberry tea. I've ordered from them for over a decade & never once been disappointed. They are wonderful & so are their teas. I don't care for flavored tea & haven't tried the raspberry but the reviews are excellent.


        My other two favorite tea vendors are Harney (harney.com) and Specialteas (specialteas.com). They will probably also have fruit flavored teas....

        1. After inquiring about a mango iced tea at (I believe) Chili's, I was informed that it was made with Monin mango syrup. I'm betting that the raspberry tea was made with raspberry syrup.

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            That was a good idea. I found Bigelow rasberry tea at my market. I prepared the tea then sweetened it with DaVinci's rasberry syrup (sugar free) and it was delicious. Now I'm anxious to try other flavors, especially the Starfruit. Thanx for the tip.

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              I love DaVinci's All Natural Syrups! They use Cane Sugar! I'll be sure to make some Raspberry Iced Tea this weekend! YUMM!!! :)


          2. i really enjoy a tropical like fruit tea (like with rosehips and citrus peel and violets) like tropicana from rostov's out of richmond, va www.rostovs.com/tea.html

            as mister big said, a lot of places add a syrup like monin or torani or something. theyre coming out with more gourmet brands of these syrups that taste more like fruit and less cloyingly sweet. so you might go that route.

            or just muddle fresh raspberries in. why not?

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              Really easy to make your own syrup and avoid the HFCS that's in most.

            2. I've talked here about Bigelow's "Perfect Peach" tea before. It's an herbal, and so refreshing, and peachy. Sometimes I put mint leaves and a slice of lime in it. I also tried half of a cinnamon stick, and that was good. It's a pretty color too. Five bags/2 quarts, steep in cold water. Sweeten if you want to.

              1. but whats wrong with good old fashioned southern style sweet tea? aint no need for all this fruity crap.

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                  You can tell someone's from Georgia when they start telling you their mama's recipe for iced tea. And yes, my mama is from Georgia. And the problem with good old Georgia sweetea (one word) is that it is SO sweet, the sugar crystallizes on your teeth as you try to drink it. Whoo boy!

                2. Another good source of unsweetened fruit teas comes from Republic of Tea. Several stores and restos serve them. They are bottled in 20oz glass bottles and 12oz plastic. Delightful blends like ginger peach.

                  1. Honeybush makes EXCELLENT iced tea. TJs sells a decent organic bagged version, but you can also order from Upton's.

                    1. I like the Paradise brand that a lot of mid-scale chain restaurants use (please ignore the fact that I used to go to a lot of mid-scale chains). It's a black tea with a bit of fruit, but not sweet at all. I eventually ended up buying a restaurant-size box of 50 bags, each of which make a gallon. Now I am happy.