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Jun 24, 2006 10:26 PM

Who makes the best "burger with the lot"?

Who makes the best "burger with the lot"?

I want to know who make sthe best burger with fried egg,beets,pineapple slice as well as the other usual toppings's?

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  1. The absolute best burger is at Woodburn on the Pacific Hwy( just south of Ballina/north of Maclean)...its a yellow painted ,24hr place on the highway , opposite the river park.....We've eaten a burger there every year for at least 6 and they are fantastic....The meat is seasoned, and if you want eggs, pineapple etc ask for the "woodburn burger with the lot"!My kids( born and raised in LA)make sure we indulge every trip.

    1. In July, I had an amazing "burger with the lot" in a very nondescript lunch joint on the main drag in Mareeba (Atherton Tablelands). I have no idea what Australia's best burger is, but if you ask me, you can't do better than a burger in a cattle town--during the Mareeba Rodeo, no less. This one had absolutely everything on it, and somehow, my 110-lb self managed to demolish it in about eight minutes flat.

      1. Burgerman in Darlinghurst - Sydney

        1. Check out the Web site...there are a few around in Sydney. They have some great burgers.

          1. Paul's Burgers at Sylvania. Definitely.