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Jun 24, 2006 10:10 PM

Silks and Campton Place

Both just got a write up in Wine Spectator. Ive never even heard of Slicks in the mandarin Hotel (i believe). How is Campton Place now that theres been time for people to check it out after the chef change. How is Slicks? it sounds interesting.

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  1. It's "Silks" in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

    1. Silks rocks. Totally underrated/underrecognized in SF. The atmosphere is a little bland (it's a victim of its hotel host) but the food is enough to override that any day. Standouts were the lobster tom yum noodles and the bacon/eggs/toast appetizer (tempura fried duck egg with pork belly and brioche toast, heavenly). I also loved the complimentary dessert they served -- a cup of hot cocoa and a shot of cold ale. Provocative pairing.

      1. The food at Silks is underrated. However the atmosphere can be a bit lacking as you will find the dining room can fill with families and tourists wearing very casual clothes (baseball caps, jeans, shorts, and sneakers). The tables are spaced far apart from each other and the noise rarely rises above a murmur so you can easily hear your dining partner's words.

        Silks is worth trying once.

        1. Thanks catherinenca and cary. Silks was always one of my favorite lunch spots when I was working in the area. However, the chef changed at least twice in a few years.

          So I really appreciate the update. I always loved the room and service. I'd swear there was a recent Chron review, but I'm no not finding it.

          Like you said Cary, there are tourists and business people at the hotel and they accomodate people dressed casually or formaly.

          Thaks for the rec catherinenca. What do you like cary?