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Jun 24, 2006 09:38 PM

Swanton Strawberries down to $3/basket

Swanton strawberries were down to $3/basket this week at the Berkeley market, or $5 for two, a great deal considering that recently they were $4/basket. Today's market is almost over, but they'll be at the Tuesday market on Derby.

They're delicious as always, of course.

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  1. They were $5 for two and $6 for three the last two weeks, at least by the time we got to the market.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      This was my first trip to the market in two weeks, so it looks like I'm a bit behind. In any case, it's a great price for the best strawberries at the market (Lucero's were $4 per basket due to the recent heat in Lodi).

    2. At the Grand Lake market last Saturday, Swanton berries were $2 a basket! (Sadly, they were nowhere in sight at today's market. Anyone know why they show up inconsistently?)

      1. Interestingly, Saturday, I purchased a basket at the market, excited about the 3$ price tag. Then I went to Whole Foods market to pick up some chicken for dinner. There, I found strawberries for 2$ a basket...a big time sale.
        Where did these strawberries come from...Swanton berry farm.
        Anyone care to explain that?