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Jun 24, 2006 09:25 PM

Enoteca Barbone - E Village

Has anyone tried Enoteca Barbone which just opened on Ave B in the East Village? I've heard good things, but I can't find any menu or price information. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Well, I ended up eating there and it was reasonably priced with pretty good food. Apps $5-10. Pasta's $11-16. Entree's around $15-25. I believe the owner said that the chef was formerly of Babbo, and you could see some similarities (i.e. Chicken Liver Ravioli in brown butter balsamic sauce), but nowhere near the level of execution. The Asparagus Fries with Pancetta Aioli was quite good though. Overall, I'd recommend this for a relatively inexpensive neighborhood italian with laudable aspirations. I would not, however, go out of my way for it. Also, as an Enoteca, there was of course a nice regional italian wine list.

      1. Not really the same, but small, quiet, elegant with an unreal wine list...Veritas on W, 20th St

        1. I loved this spot! It's casual, so are the prices, but they take both the food and wining very seriously. The chef, John Baron, was the wizard behind the pasta at Babbo, Lupa, Po, so you can't eat here and skip out on the carbs! There's an amazing backyard patio and some really adventurous off-beat wines. I wrote a review on Restaurant Girl at:

          1. Even though the restaruant girl ONLY publishes flattering reviews (no kidding, she says so right on "about me" part of her website) I agree with her on this one. I had a very good, modestly priced meal at barbone a few weeks ago, and I'm not a giant fan of the sea of Italian mediocrity in New York (or worse, Hoboken, where the best Italian restaurant just closed)