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Jun 24, 2006 09:11 PM

Jack N' Jills - Santa Monica

I was craving something sweet after shopping at the Farmer's Market this morning and stopped in Jack N' Jills and got a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate cupcake. I was planning on splitting my cookie with my boyfriend after lunch but that plan went down the drain after I had a bite. It was so light and delicious! Melted in my mouth! Can't wait to try the chocolate cupcake, and I'd like to go back and try their french toast and pancakes. Such a varied and interesting menu!

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  1. Yep, good cupcakes. Had a red velvet one after my 12-mile run this weekend. LOTS of cream cheese frosting, very dense! Sweet folks in there too.

    1. Is this the same place that is in BH? We stopped in there last year and found it really charming. To bad they close at 5 (the BH location), it would be a great "breakfast for dinner" spot.

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        Yes, they have two locations, BH and Santa Monica. I haven't been to the BH place though.

      2. I love Jack n Jill's. I've never tried their pastries, but I love going for their breakfasts. Huge portions of yummy down home goodness .....

        1. Went there today..nice place....the chili breakfast anygood? Looking at that......great blueberry muffin starters and friendly service.