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Jun 24, 2006 08:04 PM

Hungry Cat: hot or hyped?

Do you think the Hollywood restaurant, Hungry Cat, deserves all the attention it's getting in the L.A. Times?

S. Irene raved about it in her initial review, then mentioned it in a Critic's Notebook as the best NE seafood around, and again it shows up last weekend in West magazine.

I went and was NOT impressed! Do you think I should give it a second try? And what should I order?

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  1. hot. a bit overpriced considering the portion sizes, but the quality of what they have to offer is top notch. plus there are no other L.A. restaurants out there that really do seafood in even close to a new england style.

    1. It's a great late night stop for very good food: excellent 'pug' burger and well received seafood dishes. The night we ate there only the one dessert disappointed arriving overcooked. Would it be on my list if I were visiting for a week? Probably not. But it's a worthwhile local hang although it's small industrial setting is not that inviting.

      1. I'm with you- - -been there twice, and I also have been less than impressed. Regarding the Lobster roll that folks swoon about, maybe I was there on an off night. So tiny, so much bread for such a small amount of lobster, and the lobster salad itself was devoid of flavor. Actually the bread part was good, but that's not what I want to spend over $20 for! In the beginning of our meal we ordered cocktails, and mine came 15 minutes before hubs' did. He'd ordered a Manhattan, and it was explained that the juices are hand squeezed- - -last time I heard, there were no juices in Manhattan's! Oh well, live and learn. I would have rathered both of us waiting the 15 minutes and having the drinks brought together.

        1. Hot & hip but over-hyped.
          Most things are pretty good, but don't expect to be completely "wowed." it is a solid neighborhood place, not a destination place, IMHO.

          1. It's one of my faves...not cheap, but I have never had less than a fabulous meal there. And the wine by the glass selection is all that it needs to be!