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Jun 24, 2006 07:05 PM

Best things about Chowhound 2.0

Favorites so far:

- ability to read a whole thread at once

- new/read messages associated with login rather than a browser instance

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  1. I agree. It's nice not to waste a click on a response that says only "I agree."

    I also love beer and wine boards (oops, what does that say about me?).

    I like the fragmentation of the International Board. It always seemed bizarre to post about the Guadelupe Valley in northern Baja on the same board that included Bangkok and Paris.

    So far so good. Of course, it probably just means that I will waste even more time here . . .


    1. So many things.
      - The clean look.
      - The palate of colours.
      - The post typeface.
      - The ability to edit posts.
      - The listing of topics by most recent reply.
      - The wine and beer boards.
      - The expansion of the Montreal board to include all of Quebec.
      - The easy navigation, especially the drop-down board listing.
      - The active topics listing on the home page.
      - In reply posts, how when you click on the italicized name of the person replied to, your browser scrolls up to the root message and briefly highlights it in yellow.
      - In the topic listings, how when you click on the word "replies" next to a topic, it skips the original post and takes you to the first reply.

      1. Here here! Very well done! It's not often I'm impressed. I'm an overpaid iArt Director and this is superbly done. Very clean and easy to digest.

        I didn't realize CNET swallowed C'hound alive, but it's looking like a good thing so far.

        1. - Post, spot typo, click Edit, fix, click Save.