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Jun 24, 2006 04:55 PM

The new Chownews

I'm a bit confused about the status of Chownews - which really was one of the things I looked forward to most each week. The new "digest" posts seem to be periodic snippets from the boards. Will there by a longer, Chownews-equivalent, available each week with, say, all of the topics from the LA board during that week?

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  1. We sent out this email to all subscribers last week (which perhaps got spam filtered for you):

    Dear ChowNews subscriber

    As you're about to notice, big (and good) changes are happening We're currently relaunching the site with new software and design.

    As part of that, ChowNews items will be appearing daily in our "DIGEST" section (see the link on the main navigation bar once you're seeing the new site). You can surf through that section to see the latest!

    Don't worry: we will continue to offer an emailed weekly ChowNews similar to what you'd previously gotten (only it'll be redesigned). But for now, we've got our hands full with the relaunch. So...ChowNews emails will go on hiatus for a short while. The good news: subscriptions will be free from now on (thanks to our new hosts at CNET Networks, who also provided our nifty new makeover!).

    In the meanwhile, please read through the DIGEST section (which can also be subscribed to via RSS, if that means anything to you!), and we'll get rolling again with ChowNews emails soon.

    We hope you enjoy the new site!

    Eat well,

    The Chowhound Team
    For Those Who Live To Eat

    1. Any updates on the weekly ChowNews emails coming back to life? I really found that to be the only way I could possibly keep up with the board, and unfortunately the digest/snippet posts just don't do it for me. Weekly, city-specific emails with the past week's posts boiled down into a single email would be greatly appreciated, and something I personally would gladly pay another $15 subscription fee for! Not to mention that that's a perfect gift for all my foodie friends, what with the holidays right around the corner :)

      Fingers, eyes, toes crossed...

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      1. re: LoRezSkyline

        My understanding is that it's being actively worked on. There might also be some ways to make the Digest feature more ergonomic. Please hold tight, it's not just forgotten about!

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I guess that's the problem with saying something is going to happen "soon", everyone has their own interpretation of sooness :)