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Jul 25, 2004 07:11 PM

Hong Kong East Ocean report

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Hadn't been to HKEO in a while. Seems like either the prices have dropped or they stayed the same while some other places I go have gone up. Mobbed as usual, almost entirely Chinese families. One thing I like about it is that there are lots of good vegetable dishes so I can have a more balanced meal.

Can anyone identify the "pork slice"? Can anyone tell me what "Tortise plasmon and herbals jelly" is?

Mystery dish from a passing cart ($5.75): a ladle of fish balls, a ladle of braised turnips, and a ladle of dried-squid curry with mushrooms, onions, and several kinds of chiles. Very good.

Shanghai dumpling ($3.50): A bit off today, somehow lost their juice, not as gingery as usual.

Cucumber in ginger sauce ($3): simple peeled cucumbers in rice vinegar. Nice.

Pickled spicy vegetable ($3): pickled Napa cabbage with red chile strips, tastes Japanese. Very refreshing.

Steamed green vegetable ($5.75): baby bok choy with spicy fermented shrimp dipping sauce.

Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce ($5.75): huge helping, dipping sauce on side. Great foil to the rich dishes.

Pan-friend stuffed chile pepper ($5.75): green chiles (Jalapenos?) stuffed with minced pork.

East Ocean jumbo shrimp dumpling ($4): har gao, little bigger than standard.

Rice noodles stuffed with BBQ pork ($3.50): good version of this soft rolled stuffed noodle, excellent value.

Pan-fried daikon cake ($3): very good version of this, great value.

Rice noodles role with XO sauce ($5.75): delicious, though oddly it tasted just like the pad seew at Racha Cafe, minus the broccoli and shrimp. Very good but not a great value compared with the stuffed noodle.

Seaweed and pork slice ($5.75): very good, cold half-moon slices of some odd cut of pork with a ring of cartilege served with a very Japanese seaweed salad.

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  1. Is this the one near the waterfront in Emeryville ?

    thks for the update !

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    1. re: Han Lukito
      Robert Lauriston

      End of the Emeryville bay-fill jetty, right on the water.

      Is there another Hong Kong East Ocean?

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        In Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. (g)

    2. Think jello with infused chinese herbs and tortoise shell powder. Most likely there is no tortoise shell. It is claimed to have very good medicinal value when made with tortoise shell. I just like it for the taste.

      1. The pork slices sound like sliced cold pork shank/feet that is usually served with jelly fish as a d/s or appetizer plate.

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        1. re: Sarah
          Robert Lauriston

          They bone the shank and tie it before cooking, so it comes out round? That sounds right. I think I had something like that with jellyfish at Old Shanghai.

          Are there any other dim sum places around that have Japanese dishes? Seems eccentric to me, though as I said I like having the light vegetable dishes to balance heavy items like fried daikon cake.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I've seen and had "japanese-style" seaweed salad at a few places (Ton K, Yank S, and Legendary P come to mind). You're right, it provides a much needed break sometimes!