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Jun 24, 2006 04:30 PM

Reverse the list posting order, please!

The most recent posting should appear at the top, not at the bottom. When you see a new post, you click on the subject, and expect to see that post on your screen. But no. You have to scroll to the bottom. Not a good idea.

Please re-think, this is a simple fix.


- Sean

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  1. I diagree completely. It's tough to follow a new thread on one page from start to end by reading in reverse. Sure,it works well if you've already read the thread, but otherwise it's confusing as hell. Plus that doesn't explain how to deal with nested replies.

    1. Fair enough. I'll get used to it.

      1. The real fix for this is to make the system remember which threads you've read and which you haven't, and, for threads you've read before, to automatically drop you down to the newest post not yet read when you click on the subject.

        1. THANK YOU!!!
          The posting order should be's SO annoying.
          Second, the system should remember the threads you've read!