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Jun 24, 2006 03:42 PM

Latest Reply vs. Date Posted confusion as to which is chosen

I keep trying to decide which I prefer, Latest Reply or Date Posted. But the way those are set up leads to confusion as to which I've chosen. When you click on Latest Reply, the underline under Latest Reply moves to under Date Posted, so it looks like I've chosen Date Posted although I've chosen Latest Reply. And the set up still has View by: Latest Reply at the left, with Date Posted a little more to the right. Then if I click on Date Posted, the underline moves to under Latest Reply, the items on the page are rearranged, but the words Date Posted are still on the right, so it still looks like I'm on Latest Reply when I'm on Date Posted. And from that page you can't tell which is actually later.

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  1. The underline is not indicating what you have selected, it is indicating what your other option is.

    Hope that clarifies it a bit.