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DB Wine Bar, Forest Hills?

Has anyone been or heard tell of this place in Forest Hills?

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  1. I have heard good things from several people that have eaten there, but have not had the opportunity to eat there myself yet. Please post a review if you try it out!

    1. My wife and I have been to DB 3 times....and we absolutely love it...can't wait to go back. Definitely get the "large board" and some wine, it will be amazing. Service is great and very friendly.

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        Where is it? What kind of food, wine?

      2. in forest hills?? are you kidding??? please tell more

        1. is that the wine bar on austin st, next door (or near) that mexican joint, 5 burros?

          it's cute. i'd say it's more of a cafe with a neighborhood feel, with mismatched furniture and random art on the wall, except that there's a full bar.

          the wine itself is good and affordable; i like the flights that are concentrated on various areas (like usa, australia, spain, etc). the desserts are good; i got a sampler.

          on the random nights i've been there, usu midweek tue/wed nights, it's been a very chill & relaxed vibe. not packed at all by any means, but enough ppl in there for there to be a slight bustle.

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            Actually, it's on Metropolitan, where Dee's used to be before it moved to larger quarters. I just passed it today and realized that was the place I saw on this board. I've never been, but I'm interested.

          2. I was there on Sat the food was great and so was the wine. We had Polenta sandwich , Rissotto Cakes, Chicken cooked under a brick with escarole and small potatoes. 3.50 of an expresso,a little high.Our server was a little slow collage kid. If they get pro's in there a plus. Over all i will go back and I hope the food stays the same or goes even to a higher level. They have the right idea to make it work on that corner.

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              I've been twice and would definitely go back! The food is very tasty, great wine selections and cute decor...I do have to agree that some of the servers are novices.

            2. Does anyone have the phone number??

              1. I don't have the phone number, but you may want to check out this more recent thread . . .



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                  Okay. If you are all as big a fan as I am of this place, it's because we all know that loving to go out to restaurants and living in Forest Hills is an oxymoron. If you REALLY love food and want a great neighborhood place, THIS IS IT! Since moving to Forest Hills, I have felt "culinarily sequestered." I came from NYC and the only other restaurants to go and have a great atmosphere and meal that I have found is Q. But even that's overpriced and the food inconsistent. Nick's is awesome but with zero atmosphere and no booze. I love going to DB. And I do, often. So knowing that I am in agreement with you all, I have a few cents to throw in.
                  Since becoming a regular, I wonder why such a good chef has the same special (or extremely similar version of it) for four weeks in a row?? It's truly bizarre. They recently just traded out the monkfish for shark .There are only two fish main courses on the entree menu. They need more . .. And I have yet to have a tuna tartare there. Salmon on the appetizers and salmon on the main course = boring. BUT. . . The staff is extremely lovely so they make up for it.The bar is very conducive to getting comfortable for a while. I eat at the bar more often than not, which I don't do elsewhere. So, I really hope they start freshening up the food a little and changing it up!

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                    There's a lot to be said for getting a few dishes right rather than overextending...but varying fish specials would be welcome. I was in the mood for fish when I was there, it would have been nice to have more than two choices. I bet he could do skate well. But if I go there enough to be tired of the menu, I doubt that hanger steak will ever get old...YUM!

                2. That's too bad because my husband and I went there for dinner in December and we were really impressed. I had a very good pasta dish and he had...um, can't remember but it was a really nice spot, and very welcoming on a bitterly cold night. We definitely plan to return.

                  1. this place is PERFECT for private events,  romantic dinners or just if you want to treat your taste buds to some really great food.  danny brown is like going to a 5 star restaurant for a fraction of the cost.  this small, intimate, private-looking, corner restaurant is conveniently nestled in forest hills, queens and just celebrated its first anniversary.  the restaurant is like one you would find tucked in the west village for the young, the hip and the beautiful.  it looks like it has been transported right out of manhattan.  decor is minimalist, but elegant and sophisticated--high ceilings, table linens, stemware, flatware, just like in those in pricey manhattan restaurants.  i think danny brown paid very close attention to every detail in his restaurant, right down to the jazz and brazilian tunes that pipe out of its speakers, without overwhelming its diners.  the staff is attentive and friendly without being intrusive.  the owner/chef, danny brown, is incredibly nice too.  i feel i am in the presence of a celebrity chef, without the ego or attitude.  he's very approachable and reaches out to his clients.  but don't think he's only up front running the restaurant either.  should you turn up during dinner hours, you will find danny in the back at the kitchen cooking up a storm. i have been to the restaurant many times and my most difficult choice is what to order from the menu. EVERYTHING i've ever ordered has been delicious!

                    1. We finally tried DB Wine Bar and we were really impressed. If this place were in Park Slope (or Manhattan) it would have been reviewed in the Times by now.

                      Attention to detail was excellent from the high quality butter served with the bread to the careful service and knowledgeable staff.

                      What might actually push this place into being destination-worthy for those from non-Queens boroughs are (1) the hanger steak, served with fantastic fries, the steak is huge and perfect, with a shallot-butter sauce, you will be hard-pressed to find a better $22 steak dish in the city and (2) the fun option of wine flights, fairly generous (supposedly 3 oz) pours of three wines at a time for $12 - 15, an antidote to the massive tab that accumulates so quickly at NYC wine bars. The wine list is thoughful and varied and has lots of good values.

                      In addition to the hanger steak, here are some really good dishes we had:
                      -baby pink beet salad with goat cheese
                      -heirloom tomato gazpacho, intensely flavorful
                      -perfectly cooked salmon, with a slightly overwrought pine nut/rasin/basil topping and clams on the side, but still this was quite good. Drink with a German riesling, or get the mako shark with couscous that looked delicious.

                      Desserts were strong, a light crepe filled with creme fraiche and topped with fresh berries, and a gorgonzola dolce: drizzled with chestnut honey and served with candied walnuts and matchsticks of green apple. The dish was made complete by the wine pairing suggested by our server: a Sicilian sweet wine made from the zibibbo grape...brought out the honey and was a perfect foil for the cheese. You could get a flight of dessert wines, too.

                      We overate (three courses each) and between us had two flights, one glass of red and two dessert wines, and the total bill before tip was $136. We kept remarking on how un-Queens the place feels...but that bill was definitely not Manhattan for the quality of what we got. We will return!

                      1. I finally tried DB this past Thurs with a friend and have to say that it was a very nice experience. Took the advice of some other CHers and ordered the small board which was EXCELLENT, loved it! It came with a nice selection of cured meats and choice of 3 cheeses, we decided on manchego, brie, and one called Humboldt's Fog which is a blue cheese type, very good. We ordered a nicely priced bottle of Malbec as well. So far so good.

                        I had the Organic Chicken cooked under a brick, very moist but I found the skin way too salty. Not sure I'll order it again. My friend complained that her risotto was too heavy on the basil. So our entrees were good but not great.

                        Dessert was crepe with creme fresh and berries, very nice. Bill came to $130 including tip. The servers are young and inexperienced but in a nice way, you can tell they are trying hard to do well.

                        Overall, I enjoyed myself and the meal was satisfying. I will go back just for the small/large board alone. It's nice having a restaurant of this caliber just 5 mins from home.

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                          I concur..Have been there twice with friends- This place is a keeper & a find and their prix fixe is an unbelievable value considering the level of cooking

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                            Ooh, can you tell me more about this prix fixe? I don't recall seeing it. Is it only offered on certain days? Thx!

                        2. After hearing about db wine bar in Time Out New York, and seeing people rave about it on this board, I finally gave it a try on Saturday night. It is everything you've heard and more! The service is friendly and really knowledgeable about their wines (a taste was offered on anything that we were interested in), atmosphere was cozy and comfortable, and most importantly he food was spot on in every aspect (flavor, portion, presentation, and price). We did a small cheese board, risotto cake, ceasar salad, and shrimp with fingerling potatoes, with a flight of wine plus two pours each and the bill was 130. We paid with a credit card but tipped our waiter cash because he was just so on it (Tim if you're reading - GREAT job for being a waiter full time for only 2 days).

                          As I was leaving the table next to us got the steak frites, and I'm already chomping at the bit to go back.

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                            Finally tried DB this Saturday after reading recommendations here. Fantastic meal. Really liked the way the place is decorated and laid out. The service was great, friendly, offered us a taste of the wine. We chose the Hess chardonnay which we thought was very good along with the Pork and Salmon. We both thought the pork was out of this world. The salmon was very good. The wine list is good, not too out there expensive and some good choices. A little confused how to order as the cheese place for 2 was $27. We skipped that and ordered 2 main course and desert which was also great - crepes and flour less choc cake. Would try the cheese place next time or order a la carte cheeses. Definitely will go back. We went to a bar down the street afterwards and then cab back to Sunnyside.

                            Looks like the menu will change seasonally so we will go back fall.

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                              I loved the small board, you have to try it. It's great for 2-3 persons. I went with a friend and we treated it as an appetizer. IIRC, they have other cheese sampler options but if you could the condiments & cured meats that come with the board are awesome.

                          2. tried to add the CH place-link but it wouldn't work.

                            104-02 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills, NY.

                            We went back and were just as happy as the first time. Another perfectly cooked steak; asparagus risotto was excellent; a scallop special on a corn puree was amazing.

                            We got a cheese board thinking it would also have meat but just got cheese; this was good but the menu is a bit confusing so make sure to specify exactly what you want. The wait staff again was super helpful and friendly and they have been carefully educated about the wines and food.

                            1. Went back to DB's this past Saturday and again I was just completely blown away by the food and service. Tim remembered us, even remembered the wine we went crazy for and recommended something off the list that he though my girlfriend and i would enjoy - and again a spot on recommendation. Had to do the small board and then shared both the hanger steak and the pork tenderloin. I loved the steak, but the Pork has got to be one of the best pork dishes in the city. They also had a fig dessert on special, so gave that a shot and got some Moscato d'Asti on the house.

                              Just before we settled up on the bill, we signed up for their 5 course special even that's happening at the end of the month. Can't wait for it.

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                                My husband and I went to Danny Brown's last night and it was a satisfying, impressive experience, even if it was imperfect.

                                The guy at the bar, Mike, was great but service of food was slow and the restaurant was packed. The vibe was good, despite not being a really diverse crowd.

                                We shared
                                - Sautéed Shrimp with Sunchokes, Preserved Lemon & Smoked Paprika
                                - Risotto Pancake Stuffed with Taleggio, Pecans, Sage & Tomato Vinaigrette
                                - Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon, Cream & Cracked Black Pepper

                                Everything was good though the shrimp was overwhelmed by a bit too much paprika. This was, however, nicely balanced by the creaminess of the risotto pancake and its very tangy vinagrette. I thought the spaghetti stood well on its own and had no major defect, though my husband complained a bit of too much black pepper.

                                Overall, it was a great experience and we'll be back. There are definitely some kinks to smooth out but so far we are happy to come back until they are.

                              2. Went there last Thursday. I thought it was excellent and the wines were very tasty.

                                I had the risotto, beet salad, salmon tartare and calamari with white beans.

                                Service was good, I will be back. Finally a decent place in our neighborhood other than the normal sorry fare.

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                                  Service is great, wines are excellent, and my desserts have always been good. But I think they really could improve the meats in their cheese and meat platter. The cheeses are good, but the meats are lacking flavor.