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Jun 24, 2006 02:45 PM

DB Wine Bar, Forest Hills?

Has anyone been or heard tell of this place in Forest Hills?

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  1. I have heard good things from several people that have eaten there, but have not had the opportunity to eat there myself yet. Please post a review if you try it out!

    1. My wife and I have been to DB 3 times....and we absolutely love it...can't wait to go back. Definitely get the "large board" and some wine, it will be amazing. Service is great and very friendly.

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      1. re: jorge1124

        Where is it? What kind of food, wine?

      2. in forest hills?? are you kidding??? please tell more

        1. is that the wine bar on austin st, next door (or near) that mexican joint, 5 burros?

          it's cute. i'd say it's more of a cafe with a neighborhood feel, with mismatched furniture and random art on the wall, except that there's a full bar.

          the wine itself is good and affordable; i like the flights that are concentrated on various areas (like usa, australia, spain, etc). the desserts are good; i got a sampler.

          on the random nights i've been there, usu midweek tue/wed nights, it's been a very chill & relaxed vibe. not packed at all by any means, but enough ppl in there for there to be a slight bustle.

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            Actually, it's on Metropolitan, where Dee's used to be before it moved to larger quarters. I just passed it today and realized that was the place I saw on this board. I've never been, but I'm interested.

          2. I was there on Sat the food was great and so was the wine. We had Polenta sandwich , Rissotto Cakes, Chicken cooked under a brick with escarole and small potatoes. 3.50 of an expresso,a little high.Our server was a little slow collage kid. If they get pro's in there a plus. Over all i will go back and I hope the food stays the same or goes even to a higher level. They have the right idea to make it work on that corner.

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              I've been twice and would definitely go back! The food is very tasty, great wine selections and cute decor...I do have to agree that some of the servers are novices.