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Jun 24, 2006 02:43 PM

Coming in from hotlink on the main page...

Shot me straight to this error message:

404 - Page Not Found (routing)
Sorry! We had a problem processing your request.
If you've found a bug, please tell us about it

Once I clicked on the tell us about it, and navigated a little, I was "here" but it t'weren't easy McGee.

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  1. If you had an old bookmark to Chowhound, you're going to want to update it. If that was the issue, and I'm understanding your post correctly, just try typing from scratch into your browser, which will take you to the new Home Page. From there you'll find a 'boards' link at the top of the screen and you can navigate to all of the boards, even some new ones.

    diablita FL (formerly DevFL)

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    1. re: diablita FL

      At first, I clicked on the hotpost bookmark and was taken to the error message. I closed everything down, stripped out everything with windowwasher, and brought up my browser again. I typed out and was taken to the letter explaining the new sight. I clicked on the "Chowhound For those who live to eat" link and was taken to where I received the 404 error message.

      I'm here now but it did take some effort. I'm not sure how many others will be as willing to work at getting into the new site.

    2. If your bookmark is set to the old Chowhound Main page

      or directly to hotposts

      The '404 Routing' page appears.

      Change bookmarks to

      It would help if that page was more intuitive so that

      - It said that clicking on the box with "Chowhound For those who live to eat' will take you to the main site. I didn't realize that was a link.

      - there was a message that often appears like "We've moved. Click on the above link to get to our new site'. That isn't the case here, but you get the idea. Something that says to update the bookmark. If I wasn't a regular and tried my bookmark, I would think that Chowhound might no longer exist.

      - Also because of the link to report bugs, it never occurred to me that there was another link on that page. Which gets to te bug link. From using the web, that makes it look like you will be sending an email to report a problem instead of being taken to the user help screen.

      I don't ususally select links that I think will be taking me to an email. I don't want to bother. So it might be helpful if the wording indicated that clicking on that link would take you to Chowhound's User Help screen. Actually, if the intent is to report a bug with that link, wouldn't it be better to link to the 'report problems' board?

      If you folks have TONS of time (heh), it would be nice if people with the old bookmarks were automatically redirected to the new main page instead of hitting that '404' page. The usual type of message that says 'we moved. if you are not redirected to the new page, click on the chowhound box'. Something along that line.

      Just some thoughts. I am amazed and blown away on the wonderful overall design and the fact that this was delivered when promised with all the important parts there. Outstanding ... outstanding job.