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Jun 24, 2006 02:35 PM

Parea, anyone?

Has anyone tried Michael Simon's new place, Parea? Originally from the Cleveland area, I was a fan of his at Lola, which was opened ten years back in that town.

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  1. Do a search for the restaurant name. There have been some very positive posts within the past few months. As a former Lola-lover myself, I'm looking forward to giving it a try sometime soon.

    1. i went to friends and family and we have been back several times. you gotta go, PAREA is great, from tapas to mains to desserts. it's also a beautiful, well laid out space.

      get the house cured meat platter, it's similar to LOLITA's in tremont in clev and is a fav of mine. another super thang is the greek wine by the glass selections.

      ps -- when the heck is LOLA going to re-open downtown in cleveland - anyone know? i heard next month?

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        Whoa whoa whoa, are you saying the he is reopening Lola??? When and where in C-Town do you know. Ok, I can read. Do you know what the location is?

      2. I went to Parea a couple of weeks ago. Quite a very intriguing concept -- a tapas-style Greek restaurant. I love small plates because I find restaurant portions too large. We ordered a bunch of mezthes, no entrees.

        Some positive points ... The crispy goat dumplings were very well prepared. I also liked the lobster grape leaves. Nice contrast after the goat dumplings. I did enjoy the yellowtail spinalo with blood orange. Very refreshing. Very refreshing. Probably my favorite course. The Greek fries were filling. Note: the portions are very small.

        Now for the negatives ... I found the sweetbreads too musky and dry. It needed to be soaked prior to cooking. I was also disappointed by the cured meat platter. I thought it lacked dimension. Everything tasted very one dimensional. I also did not care for the textures of some of the meats. Thought it was too rubbery. The lamb brain salad was very grainy as well. The worst thing was that we also hit the porcelain toilet pretty hard later that evening. Not sure what it was, but we both had extremely painful cramps and diarrhea throughout the entire night.

        While I wanted to really like Parea, I don’t think I’ll be going back.

        1. went to Parea this Saturday. Mid sized group of six of us. We ordered a an array of mezes, entrees and deserts to give us a better understanding of the kitvhen and cause we were HUNGRY!

          Great, great ambience and very polite hostesses.

          Our server was slightly above average-paid attention but, didnt really go out of their way.-7/10

          Mezes-had the zucchini, goat, lobster, and lamb dishes. All were very well done with the goat and zucchini being the favs-9.5/10

          Entrees- had the steak, lamb, skate and tuna. Here is where the was a divurgence of opinion. The Tuna was well tunaish.The Steak was good but, it's steak. The lamb and the skate were amazing. Consesus is that you have to order the more creative dishes. 8.5/10

          Deserts-Ordered of them. The loukoumaddes and the ice cream were the most popular-8.5/10

          Overall Parea was a VERY good experience and we highly recommend it. A must visit.

          1. Went there Friday night. Beautiful room. Extremely friendly staff. Sat at the bar while the rest of our party showed up and the bartenders could'nt have been nicer or knowledgable. We got to sample some of the wines before we made our selections. In terms of starters the scallops and crispy pork were standouts. All 5 of the entrees were outstanding. Skate, Veal, Lamb and the Large Bass (shared for 2) were a joy to eat and share.