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Jun 24, 2006 02:14 PM

RSS Feed issue

We didn't want this feedback from diablita FL on this thread to get buried:

I don't have an RSS feeder on my computer (yet -- my MacBook Pro is in the mail!) and am not very familiar with this technology yet. But I noticed I can click the icon to the right of a board name (e.g., Homecooking) which indicates it's for RSS feed, and instead it takes me to the HTML code behind the page. Is that view only, or can we break your pages by accident? (Please disregard if it works as designed).

diablita FL (formerly DevFL)

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  1. Diablita,

    I believe you are seeing the XML page behind that link. This is how it works when you click on an RSS feed link (Check out the links page on the NYTimes for comparison: - you will see the same sort of page if you click on one of the orange RSS links).

    1. I have succesfully subscribed to one of the Chowhound RSS feeds. When you click on it and the HTML code displays, ignore the code, but copy the URL that displays in your browser for that page. You can then use that URL for "subscribing" to the feed with your chosen newsreader.

      1. You can also add the feed URL to your myYahoo! page if you have one. Here's the URL of the page that allows you to add any Chowhound RSS feed URL to myYahoo!:

        1. Thanks so much everyone. Very helpful info!