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Jun 24, 2006 02:09 PM

bad links?

If you are reading the boards
Then go to the Features tab
Then try to go back to the boards from there by clicking any of the boards links that pull down
It cant be done, at least not in my browser. Hangs it all up every time

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  1. Can you provide more information on your browser and OS set-up? It's working quite well in at least some browsers, so knowing where it's going wrong might help.

    1. Win XP IE6 sp2. Again this is only from the features board page. When i go to that page the pull down that shows when i hoover over "boards" does not function. Cant go to any boards from there

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        1. I'm presently using Firefox on XP and can't replicate this problem -- I'm easily coming back to this board.

          1. just tried it again, still hangs up.