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Jun 24, 2006 01:33 PM

40th Anniversary - Somewhere decent near 91 between Buena Park and Corona??

OK, so it's my parent's anniversary tonight and us "kids" are taking them out. Problem is, I'm visiting from the East Coast and have no idea where to take them.

We don't need any place super nice or expensive by any means. Just something that we can have a nice conversation over good food for a reasonable price.

Also, my parents aren't really adventurous when it comes to food... but they like seafood, italian, american, etc. The basics.

We are splitting the difference between our homes, and are hoping for something between buena park and corona.

Any ideas? I'm nervous................

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

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  1. In downtown Fullerton (north of the 91 Harbor exit, so the Corona folks could take FasTrak) are a couple of options: there's Florentine's, which at the corner of Commonwealth and Harbor, and there's Spadra, which is east of Harbor on Commonwealth.

    I haven't been to Florentine's in a long time, but it used to be quite good; Spadra is not too bad, but ask your waitress for things to eat and things to avoid, and be prepared for, um, leisurely service.

    A lot of the options in Fullerton are geared to CSU students and turn into nightclubs after 2100 hours, so despite there being good food at a number of them, they're not right for a nice conversation.

    Auguri to your parents, by the way -- 40 years is a long time!

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      thanks for the nod to florentines and spadra. Two quick questions...

      How are the noise levels at both places? We certainly don't need whisper quiet, but we obviously want to enjoy conversation at a normal level.

      Second, looking online, spadras doesn't show prices. Is it the same range as Florentine's? (which is about the price level we are expecting, btw, so good choice!).

      Thanks again for the quick thoughts.

      1. re: adamclyde

        About the same -- entrees from $12 (pastas) to $25 (steaks).

    2. One good spot, closer to Buena Park than Corona is Park Ave (in Stanton). It's just fancy enough but not too much, great atmosphere, not too loud but not too quiet either where you feel like you have to be quiet, its decor is geared towards the 1950's rat pack. The food is awesome- chef quality. I had the best chicken fried steak ever when I went. If you don't go overboard on drinks, appetizers and dessert (like we did when I took my inlaws for mothers day) the price is reasonable and very low for the quality of food you get. They make all of their breads, dressings etc in house and have a garden for their herbs and such. I actually got an email a month or two ago that they were featuring heirloom tomatoes. You might want to call and make reservations though, the first time we went my SO and I tried to slip in on a Saturday around dinner time. We had to wait an hour for a table (they have good drinks too, we sat in the bar :-)


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      1. re: wendy8869

        Probably too late. But, agree with Park Ave--we go weekly and love it! (great value) They have a *killer* grilled skirt steak salad and chicken fried steak. I love their homemade chips too--with my sidecar martini. Their spinach salad, served tableside rocks! Corkage is only $10, so we bring our own wine sometimes.

        Florentine's--well it's on the bottom of my list, as is Spadra. Table 10 is pretty good--pricey, but good. Heroe's has great nachos (extra cheese/beans on the side) for a pub-like experience.

      2. Were you able to find a decent restaurant?