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Jun 24, 2006 12:33 PM

Best place in Queens to buy raw, unshucked oysters?

Anybody know of a source for good, fresh, unshucked oysters? I'm not looking for a raw bar, but rather a place to buy them to take them home. I haven't been impressed with the fish markets that carry oysters. They don't seem that fresh. Also, where's a good source for steamers? I guess, what I'm looking for is a good source for raw shellfish in queens. Thanks.

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  1. Your best bet might be, because the choice of quality shellfish is quite limited. There are a couple places on the Island that aren't too bad, but the local places I've tried in Rego Park, Forest Hills, and all the Sutphin places in Jamaica, are not too great. It is very difficult to find dry scallops and I generally go into the city to get them, or out to Long Island. Freshdirect has been reccommended to me before and it's a good source for wild salmon, or specific needs......I recently checked out a place in Astoria that was recommended and didn't think much of it at all--the shrimp weren't even very firm, and higher priced than where I normally get them......Perhaps when the Amish Market opens in Glendale they will have something decent in Shellfish..I am waiting for it with great expectations, since there is very little in the Forest Hills/Rego Park area.

    Let us know what you find.......thanks!

    1. I'm not exactly sure if they'll be stocking oysters at this time of year (not the season), but check out the large Korean markets, like Hanyang, Han Au Reum (the flagship store), or Assi in Flushing/Bayside. They have very good seafood sections, and may have fresh oysters.

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        Wondering how the shrimp and scallop selection is at the stores you mentioned?

      2. The selection from Freshdirect is somewhat lacking. Why not try London Lennies on Woodhaven blvd? I know they sell fresh seafood, I can't see why they won't sell unshucked oysters.

        1. Try Astoria Fishery Suppliers & Foods 37-10 33rd St, Long Island City, NY 11101 (718) 392-2680. They are predominantly suppliers for the area restaurants but they do a small walk in retail business.

          1. I saw some nice looking oysters yesterday at the Tip Top Market in Elmhurst. I didn't try them, but they looked good.