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Jun 24, 2006 12:16 PM

Questions about the new site

Is there a way of viewing multiple threads at the same time? On the old site, I liked that I could open the board, see many threads at once and easily identify those posts on the various threads that I hadn't read as well as those posts by posters that I generally like to read. Now it seems as though I need to open each thread individually, or do specific searches, in order to be able to get to this info. Is there a way of viewing it "the old way" or might this be something that will be coming with improvements?

It's definitely hard to get used to new look - for me, there was nothing wrong with the old site. BUT I have to trust that those that led me to countless hours of joy and info on the original site will help guide us to a new and better place (and if not, can we just go back to the old way???). Thanks!

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  1. The boards display all thread "starters" by title, if you revisit a board later, those threads that have new postings will have a little button labled "New" on them, to indicate to you that new posts that you have not read are in the thread.

    Additionally, any thread in which you have posted a reply will display on your "my Chow" page, and as more replies are added to those threads, the "New" button will display on the threads on your "my Chow" page.

    You can also "bookmark" threads that you are interested in following and those threads will also display on your "my Chow" page.

    Hope this helps, if not, come on back.