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Jun 24, 2006 10:47 AM

Sunday Only Restaurant Specials

Normally I am in Boston only on mid-week days, but tomorrow is an exception since we may have a small gathering of about six or seven for a late lunch.

That would be a good number for dim sum and this is a Chinese-loving crowd. Hei La Moon and China Pearl serve, I believe, dim sum everyday so those choices would not be an exceptional opportunity for me. Do they or any other places serve any excellent dishes on Sunday that they serve on no other day? I know that Wang's in Somerville has a number of weekend only items, but it is too much of a take-out place to manage a large party for eat-in.

While there is a certain preference for Chinese, it is not absolute so I would be willing to consider other options as well. Does Rincon Limon do anything special on Sunday? We will be coming together from the North Shore and from the West of the city so any places to the South would be less attractive, not that I can think of any such locations at the moment.

One option might be Brazilian since feijoada is often a weekend special, though I suspect that my crowd is already full enough of beans.

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  1. Jalisco in East Boston has birria on weekends, haven't had a chance to try.

    1. East Coast Grill in Cambridge serves a very popular Latin bruch on Sunday until 2:30.

      1. A bit late, but apparently Mary Chung's only offers their xiao long bao during weekend dim sum.