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Jun 24, 2006 07:34 AM

favorite brunch places in studio city and environs?

Hi Hounds --
Hugos, Jinky's I know.
Don't like Marmalade...
Brunch/lunch...for tomorrow (Saturday).
Need inspiration...

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  1. How about Nat's Early Bite (Burbank at Hazeltine)? They have a great matzo brie with salami and onions. It's not a fancy place, but great breakfasts.

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    1. re: Muhlyssa

      ...matzo brei... with SALAMI? My mind boggles. I may have to go just to see matzo brei served with pork.

      I like Vivian's Millennium Cafe (Ventura just east of Vineland) myself, though it gets crowded... and if you can make it out to Tarzana, Aroma Cafe (no relation to the Silverlake or Studio City ones) has a lot of really interesting choices. Just be prepared for the dominant language to be Hebrew, not English or Spanish.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        I would guess matzo brei would be made with Hebrew National salami, all beef. But I've never had it at Nat's, so it's just a guess. Actually I've never had matzo brei with salami, just salami and eggs. But I digress....

        I am a big fan of Jumpin' Java. I always like the food. I also like Ned's on Magnolia, which is a little edgier, but sometimes I'm in the mood for that.

        1. re: lad1818

          Ooh, yeah, I second Jumpin' Java. Haven't been in a while, but their banana chocolate chip pancake is sublime! It not only fills up the plate, but I think they carmelize the banana slices before putting them into the pancake batter... YUM!

      2. re: Muhlyssa

        Love Nat's Early Bite - tried it for the first time a few weeks ago. It can get crowded though, so go early. It looks like a greasy spoon kind of place, but it was surprisingly good.

        Other places I've gone lately:
        - Four N 20 on Van Nuys and Burbank. Good muffins.
        - Le Pain Quontidien on Ventura near Coldwater. I like their quiche, but the coffee is terrible

      3. Just go to Stanley's, sit on the patio in back, and have a good time.

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        1. re: carter

          Personally, I think Stanley breakfast food menu is weak but their lunch selections nice, especially the salads. However, I agree that if you do go, insist on sitting on the patio, and wait if necessary.

          Not sure if anyone has been, but Caioti Pizza Cafe serves breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. I haven't been but the selections look good.
 scroll down for the breakfast/brunch selections

        2. We love Aroma on Tujunga, just south of Moorpark (across the street from the infamous Vitello's). The Eggs Aroma on the spinach knish sort of thing is great. Very relaxed neighborhood hang - highly recommend it.