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Jun 24, 2006 07:32 AM

Bookmarked topics can't be deleted

I didn't get the concept and bookmarked every post I read in the first few hours. After using the board, I realized this was unnecessary.

I went to "My Chow" and clicked on the delete link next to each bookmarked post and they went away. However, next time I clicked on "My Chow" all the deleted posts were back.

Tried signing on and off. Every bookmarked post still appears on my page. Hope reporting this here is ok.

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  1. Just an update. After signing off Chowhound and shutting down my pc last night, when I signed on today, the topics I bookmarked and deleted were gone.

    However, when I tested this out today

    - bookmarked a topic
    - Selected 'My Chow'
    - deleted it (it disappeared)
    - went to another board
    - returned to 'My Chow'

    The deleted bookmark was back in my list

    Does cache need to be cleared or something like that?

    1. Ok, after coming back from breakfast the deleted bookmarks are gone. There must be some type of time lag between the time a bookmark is deleted and it accually disappears.