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Jun 24, 2006 06:20 AM

What happened to old view? (All post in one link...) and how to search within a board?

So, I find it pretty annoying that you only see 20 posts at a time... because, living in the east bay, a large number of posts in the Bay Area board do not interest me.. so skimming over them quickly was nice.... and now having to go from page to page, is pretty time consuming and not fun. Is there anyway to get the old listing back?

Secondly, when I search... I get messages from all boards.. is there a way to only search a specific board? so I don't hit posts from other places??


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  1. Some other people have posted their dislike of the large font. Not all of them made it clear that this isn't an aesthetic issue, but a time issue. Even though I live in New York, I see the amount of traffic generated on the evening on the SF board. I have mixed feelings. I think the thread index is gorgeous the way it is, but ultimately I'd like to see more threads listed per page, too.

    Good news on the search front, though. After you enter a search term, you'll see a drop down window to the right after you click on search or hit "enter." That allows you to search any board. Also, check out the advanced search options just to the right of that, which enables more refinement in your search.

    1. note that if you use the search box when you're on a board, you search only that board. "advanced search" gives more options.

      1. I find the 20 posts at a time annoying too. Please, please, please, change this.