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Jun 24, 2006 06:16 AM

topic font is too large!

, can you turn it down to 12?
it would also fit more topics on a page
its hard to scan the topics at 2ft from monitor

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  1. Agreed, make the font smaller or better yet offer us the option to choose our font size

    1. As a temporary measure, you might want to change the text size displayed by your browser. For Internet Explorer that would be the View menu / Text size.

      The only problem with that is that any site you select in that window would display the text size. Keeping a window open that is only for Chowhound and using other windows for other sites works for me.

      It still doesn't resolve the 20 topic per page list, but at least it makes the site easier to read with smaller type. It doesn't seem like shouting.

      1. Here's a quick and dirty way to change font size on PCs - hold down the CNTL key on your keyboard and using the scroll button on your mouse, scroll "down" (towards you) to increase the font, or "up" (away from you) to decrease the font size.

        This temporary workaround is just for the website you change the font size for. If you open another window with a different website, that will be set at the IE text size you have set.

        I also haven't tested to see if Chowhound's site remains at the size you want after closing out of the site and coming back to it.

        .....OK, just tested it. Posted this message, scrolled so the font size is WAY bigger than I like. Closed out of Chowhound and came back in, and the font is still set on the WAY larger font size. So looks like it remains with the website you change it at.

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          wow, thanks so much. the relief is overwhelming!


          1. Yup! This is WAY too big.