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Jun 24, 2006 05:58 AM

"Site Specific" category question

Why are there so many boards under Site Specfic? Can't you combine them into two boards at most? Site Talk and Help? I'm not even sure if this post belongs on this board.

Site Talk
Feedback: Report
User Help

I would also like to see a way to Private Message and/or email a poster.

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  1. Site Talk- general discussion of the Chowhound site
    Feedback: Report Problems- important now in this inital phase, probably not in the long run
    User Help- questions about how to use the site

    1. FWIW, I like the distinctions among these three and think they are clear.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        I agree Dave that I like the three boards and they are clear. I would like a fourth board, actually, just for the Chowhound Team.

        Those "Quick Tips" they have been posting on Site Talk are great. However, they get lost in all the questions.

        So the fourth board would have "Quick Tips" and responses to the Chowhound top ten or so questions with that ever-popular "WHY DID MY POST GET DELETED" leading the pack (the first person who posts that on the new software should get a prize or something).

        The Quick Tips are going to get lost, especially with the 20 Topic per page limit. I have yet to scroll back more than five pages on ANY board, let along Site Talk.

        Actually that's what I thought would be either under the FAQ or Help links on the site ... info on how to best use the site.

      2. Ok this is just one one and a typo

        Feedback: Report

        So three boards are fine. I thought four boards is just too much.

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        1. re: reality check

          It took me a second to figure this out, too, r.c.