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Jun 24, 2006 05:53 AM

Roe in Canned Sardines? Is this weird

Ok, Opened a can of Porteguese sardines and was happily eating away until a little pocket of eggs popped out of the belly of one of them and it looked very very much like a roe sack from a shad I once knew. Veins and little eggs and all. I have NEVER seen this in a sardine. Is this unusual or what? I tasted it and it tasted fine, but not particularly rich and delicious and the texture was most definitely dusty, grainy and unpleasant. Anyone else ever experience this? Here's a photo of the (sack?) and packaging.

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  1. Generally, I love eggs present in fish or shellfish. Rex Sole with eggs? Yum. On spot prawns? Great. Inside Lobster? Sign me up. These weren't good? Too bad, I've never had them in tinned fish, I can see how it might be a bit off-putting. How was the fish aside from the eggs? I am actually intrigued enough to go try to find a can of these! They are very good for you...

    1. I've never run into this is canned sardines either, but the other day I did have some large sardines stuffed fat with roe for lunch, from the take-out corner of our local Japanese market. Sold room temperature, I took them home and broiled them in the toaster oven for a few minutes 'til some oil dripped off onto the foil, then stripped the meat and roe off the bones like an alley cat. Mmmm. Sorry your egg find wasn't as auspicous.

      1. Googled: Canned Sardines with roe, and I wound up here :) I just opened a can of Moroccan Sardines, and one of these is filled with roe and two globs of unidentified globbiness........Sardines taste fine, and like yours, the roe is dry....I ate around it and left the globs to themselves.......

        I once had roe (3 or four years ago) in a can of Bumble bee sardines, but it was way nastier, and I dumped the entire can.

        1. I googled roe in sardines too, and found this.
          Good photos veebee, thanks.
          Had to reply here, even though old thread.
          All my canned sardines (Brunswick Canadian) seem to have large roe sacks, at the moment.
          Taste OK with unique flavour, but very crunchy and tougher than flesh.
          Hopefully they are high in vitamins, minerals and/or Omega 3, with nothing toxic.
          Sardines are larger than normal too.

          1. I've eaten sardines for decades and just opened up a can with what I wasn't sure what it was! I figured it was either roe or cancer!!! It kinda freaked me out and put a damper on my appetite. LOL. I ate around it.

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              Landed on this page accidentally, and I see that the thread is old, but it still needs additional info: Roe in sardines is quite normal and awesome if you're lucky to get a can with it. Think of it as a type of caviar. Don't throw it away, relish it -- it's full of nutrients and good for you. Granted, the texture may feel a little odd if you're not used to it, but the flavor is rich and delicious. For the best experience, add a few drops of olive oil to the row and eat by itself with some french or italian bread.

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                Thanks, tunaoregon. I love salmon roe and flying fish roe so I guess I should have known it wasn't cancer. lol. Just hadn't seen it before in sardines. If I ever get 'lucky' again, I'll be sure to eat it next time.