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Jun 24, 2006 05:41 AM

latino place in Thousand Oaks or Simi area to watch soccer?

Traveling alone, staying in Simi and seeking a local hangout where I can practice my Spanish and watch the Mexico v. Argentina game. If there's a big screen, I'd be willing to drive as far as LA. Suggestions?

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  1. There's a taqueria in moorpark next to moorpark billiards on new los angeles ave west of the 23 just past moorpark ave that has a big screen tv. I assume they'll be showing the game. They serve beer and have excellent tacos imho, though I am by no means a taco expert. Very casual with order at the counter service.

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      I tried the no-name taco place next to Moorpark Billiards. Wow ... it was damn good. I guess I have never had real Oaxacan food before. Their "Black Mole`" sauce over chicken was a house specialty. Smoky, a little sweet, ladled over a chicken that actually tasted like chicken (so hard to find in the U.S.). The decor couldn't be more casual -- i.e., basically patio furniture -- but the beer is cold, the salsa hot, the TV screen big, and the dining room is bright and family friendly. Wish I could find a place like that in D.C. where I live. thanks for the tip!!!!

    2. Try Don Cuco's on Cochran/Tapo Canyon. Bar is hopping and food is decent. I know you mentioned beer, but they're known for their margaritas, try one if you decide to go.

      Also call El Patio either location on Tapo or Township and see if they will be showing the game. Great food, drinks.

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        Thanks! Went to Don Cuco's yesterday ... it's just blocks from my hotel, didn't even know it was there. Awesome marg and hot fresh chips and salsa, entree OK and I mightily enjoyed the Italy-Ukraine match on the high def TV while chatting with the friendly staff. I'm new to Chowhound and wow ... this is the bomb! i'm hooked.

        So Today I'm gonna try the Moorpark taqueria for the Brazil-France matchup...