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Jun 24, 2006 05:26 AM

Link on Home Page to User Help?

I think this board is immensely helpful,especially the mini-tutorials. Is it possible to set up a prominent link on the home page for a while to let new and old Chowhounds that might be struggling with the new software know that there is help available to them here (and, to some extent, in Site Talk and User Feedback) areas?

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  1. it's there. upper right on every page, see "help" link.

    1. Because of its placement, next to login/logout, I assumed this was for technical support, not a link to a board.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        It may one day be that. For now, we're funneling people to the new user help board (which you'll notice we're gradually stocking with canned info that may one day populate a fully-fledged help section) for their tech support.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Even though I posted this elsewhere, it is important enough to me ... While the Help Board is great, what was VASTLY more important to me was learning that in the "Getting Started" menu, if the underlined words "Getting Started" are clicked on, there is a very nice intro that answers a whole lot of questions.

          For me, that information would have been more, uh, helpful in the help link than linking to a board.

          I'm not telling anyone what to do, so take this FWI, this is what would have helped me. If you clicked on the word Help and at the top is said something like, "Here's how to get started. If you need more information, here's the link to the help board", it would not have taken me two days to find that information.

          To add a cherry to info sundae, would be a note somewhere on that page that mentions any private matters can be discussed by emailing

          In the past (and I'm sure currently) there are situations where you want to answer a question off the board, so adding that info to 'Getting Started' would be nice. Sort of, if all else fails email this address.

          The site is just wonderful and pretty intuitive, but I would have been happy to have that info on day one rather than learning the new software through trial and error.

          Also, no matter how many times I see it, the menu that says 'Features' always made me think I'd learn about the software features of the board. So like I said, I tried FAQ, Manifesto, etiquette, help, features and then gave up and went with trial and error when that well-written 'Getting started' tutorial was there all the time.