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Jun 24, 2006 05:08 AM

Identifying Poster

A minor quibble, perhaps, but it's a bit confusing that on the home page the "posted by" for the latest posts refers to the latest replier, while on the individual boards the "posted by" refers to the thread starter. When we jump back and forth, it's easy to get confused as to who wrote what. Perhaps on the specific boards you could use the wording "author" or something of the sort instead of "posted by".

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  1. I agree that this is confusing and I don't see a real purpose for the distinction.

    1. Well...I hate to complain, because the presence of last poster (as opposed to original poster) on the home page is something we recently added, and I LIKE it.

      Yeah, I'd like to see the same in board last poster. This software is sometimes a bit biased toward original posters in some ways, though we're not really the sort of community that's OP-centric.

      1. I agree that identifying the "last poster" is nice (after all, you probably read the thread because Dave Feldman's name was on it, not mine ;-). Consistency was my main concern. As I mentioned, if you just change the "posted by" designator to "author" or "started by" or something on the specific boards, there would be less confusion.

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        1. re: Gary Soup

          Idunno, Gary...not sure people read labels. They see the name on the homepage scroll, they see the name on the board indexes....they're not going to distinguish, they'll expect the same thing. I think we probably ought to unify how it works. And I'm hoping we go with "last poster"

        2. i'm rather partial to the idea of identifying original poster and most recent poster on the individual boards and only most recent on the homepage.

          there are definitely times during which i will look at a review but depending on who posted it originally i will only take certain things from it or not be as interested. one thing i did like about the old board was that it was rather upfront regarding who was posting to the thread. ie. if it was a singular person 5 times with only 2 other responses from others and the # of replies doesn't show this. i unfortunately don't have a constructive criticism point regarding how this might be implemented.... just thoughts