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New Handles/Old Handles

I've heard from a few 'hounds via email who've decided to register under new chow handles. Could I ask a favor of you? During this shaking out period, please add a tag line to your posts that lets us (me) know the change. I need to know how to find my trusty chowpals!

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  1. That's a great idea, Melanie. Luckily, we both have catchy handles!

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Well, for a moment, I did consider adding "Q" as my middle initial. (vbg)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Hey, what if we *all* use Q as a middle initial! Signed, squid q kun

        1. re: squid kun

          Hmmmm, maybe I can change my handle to Barbie Q, since I love 'Q... uh, no, I don't think I want to go through a gender change procedure.

          1. re: squid kun

            Naw, it's david q kaplan's intellectual property.

        2. re: Dave Feldman

          I went with a radical new handle so no one will figure out who I am.

          1. re: E Eto

            Yeah, who is that masked ramen eater?!?!?

          2. I decided to go for Longest Screen Name and kept it as close to the same as I could. I am now parenthesis-less, though. I feel so naked.

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            1. Golly, your cosmicness is showing :). I'm gonna stick with Joey Deckle for my nom de manger.

              1. I think I never announced last year that I had changed from The Rogue to JMF... I was getting a little too much flak and decided to mellow out a bit.

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                1. re: JMF

                  Wow, you have/had mellowed out! Glad to see you too.

                2. Well, I was told that I couldn't use e.d. as the new software wouldn't allow dots.

                  So after 6 years as e.d., I have now metamorphosed into Phoo D.

                  I do try to remember to sign posts with my first name (lowercase) as well.

                  So far, I've been enjoying the new interface.


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                  1. re: Phoo D

                    Hey e.d. now Phoo D, glad to see you! I think it's been posted elsewhere that periods and other punctuation are allowed. Maybe you could try again nad keep your original sig.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      This brings up a question I had. What if Poo D finds out that it is possible to register as 'e.d.' How to get rid of the now superfluous 'Phoo D' account?

                      1. re: Paul H

                        Found it - it appears it is possible to use periods. But now the team has to figure out how to let people change their registered name. Here's the note in User Help.


                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          I think Chowhound user names have a half life of 85K years.

                      2. re: Melanie Wong

                        UPDATE: We're having some troubles right now with usernames registered with periods. Hopefully the developers will work it out but if you sign up with a username including a period, you won't be able to login right now.

                      3. re: Phoo D

                        Hey Ed:

                        really glad I checked into this thread to see this; always like keeping up with your posts and latest thoughts on Monterey restaurants!


                        1. Well, I used to be 'love skittles' (not that anybody would notice) because I used to eat them while I surfed but, I don't love them anymore because I broke off a piece of a tooth while eating them. I look like Velma from Scooby Doo so...a new nickname is born!

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                          1. re: Velma

                            I'm glad I posted this request, many more people changing their names than I had thought. I'll think of you as "used to love skittles". (g)

                            1. re: Velma

                              That's funny. I always used to read your old handle not in the sense of

                              "(I) love skittles"

                              but rather as

                              "(Ooh baby, give me some of your) love skittles"

                              ...but that's the kind of thing somebody named Velma might say anyway, so it all makes a kind of cosmic sense.

                            2. I'm another one. I was DevFL, though I haven't had much time to post lately because of work travels. Now I've switched from DevFL to diablita FL, trading one nickname for another.

                              1. I was a tiny bit freaked out just now when I noticed on the SF board that somebody posted as "heidihi." Just so's you all know, that ain't me.

                                1. chino wayne could change his ndp to santa claus but we'd all still know it was him! (I think he'd make a great sc)

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                                  1. re: toodie jane

                                    Certain family members already think I'm Santa Claus, I have the empty wallet to prove it.

                                  2. I think you figured it out already Melanie, but just in case you didn't, here I am in new clothing (actually, it's funny because this is old clothing really, but I got tired of the new clothing)

                                    - The poster formerly known as JojoA

                                    1. i haven't felt comfortable as yet posting - it's silly i know but while it's all good, it's......large and kind of freaks me out. and the name thing wasn't something i had considered, the idea that it's large and posters have morphed into other posters makes it a whole new universe. until it's not. very interesting though.

                                      1. I started a short list (hopefully) here.


                                        Tho I didn't change my title with the new software, I have in the past. People might have missed those brief formal announcements on the board. Also the reason for the change is gone with the old Site Talk. So here goes:

                                        Stanley Stephan - Chowhound was my first on-line forum. I wanted to reveal as little info to the world as possible so I even changed my sex (wasn't painful


                                        Krys Stanley - got sick of people thinking I was a guy

                                        Krys - Krys is my real first name. I kept accidently typing my real last name and having to ask the Chowhound team to delete those posts

                                        rworange - Now something DOES rhyme with orange. Take that M&M commercial I was watching when I thought up the name.

                                        1. Does anyone know where "Mike Lee" went? I haven't heard from the guy since the site change. It's almost like the disappearance of "Pepper" 6-7 years ago.