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How to Identify Posts Not Yet Read

On the old site, posts I had previously read showed up in a different color from the posts I had not yet read. Does the new site provide an easy way to pick out the posts I have not already read?

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  1. Yeah, look for the "NEW" button both in board index view and in thread view.

    Once you open the thread window, stuff therein will (obviously) no longer be new once you close or refresh that window, so the buttons will no longer apply. At least until something new comes in to the thread, which will be marked NEW.

    It works well. I've been trying to break it all night, because I don't know any database message board software that's not buggy with this. But it seems to really work.

    1. Great! I see it now. Thanks for the amazingly quick response!

      1. How about when you want to "Mark All Read" -- that is, get rid of all the "New" posts so that you are caught up to the present moment before ending a browsing session? I would love such a feature.

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        1. re: Saccade

          reload whatever page you're looking at, and they'll be gone (though new flags may appear if new stuff came in since you last loaded)

          1. re: Jim Leff

            I don't think so. As far as I can tell, they only disappear if you actually read the threads (although if you open a thread and don't read all the posts, they do disappear). So, no, there doesn't seem to be a "Mark As Read" function.

            1. re: Chris VR

              To clarify, there are two places you see "new" flags: board index and within a thread. To clear the "new" flags from a thread, load and reload the thread. To clear from board indexes, yeah, you have to click the threads. For non-techies out there, the software can't REALLY tell if you've read something... just if you've opened and closed the page. So if you're reading a thread with 4 new flags, and just read 3 of them and close the window, the software will assume you've read all and clear all 4 flags.

        2. Yeah, but when looking at a list of threads there's no reason that there couldn't be a "mark all as read" link that when clicked, tells the software that we've clicked into ALL the threads.

          It's a standard message board feature, incredibly easy to do, and makes wiping the slate clean when you've been awhile for a bit much, much easier.


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          1. re: Peter

            That's what I am after, yeah. A global feature.

            But this is a minor quibble. Good job overall!!

            I like the subtle changes in the background colors to denote different levels of reply.

          2. I think I'm not understanding the NEW button. Is the new button clickable to take you to the new responses? If it is, it isn't working on the LA board.

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            1. re: Muhlyssa

              No, the "new" icon appears next to topics you haven't read in the board index, or next to posts you haven't read in the thread view.

            2. OK, took me a bit to find it as well - next to your message header, Chris, was the following:

              3 minutes ago Chris VR replied to Muhlyssa NEW

              That word "New" is in a mustard-colored circle in cranberry red typeface. (Like those food references? <g>) Thanks for the info.

              1. yea the new button can indicate what threads have new posts in them but how do you find whats new without scanning the entire thing. Not a big deal on a short, un-nested thread cause the new stuff is at the bottom. But on the long, nested threads its a real chore to scan the whole thing looking for how many "minutes" or "hours ago" each post was.

                1. "New" icons appear for individual replies once you've read a thread with the new software.

                  So the problem is just identifying posts that are new since the last time you read the thread with the old software.

                  1. I don't see the NEW button anywhere!?

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                    1. re: Sarah

                      It's a bit misleading- it's not a button, it a small button shaped graphic that says "New". On this page, you should see it right next to the part that says "Chris VR replied to Sarah", showing you that this is a new post since the last time you viewed this page.

                    2. I see "24 minutes ago Chris VR...", no button or button shaped graphic. Maybe it takes time? And no such button either on the OP to indicate that there's a new post (yours).

                      1. While the new board is easy to read, I don't have time to open all of the posts just so I can see what is new the next time I sign on. Before, I was able to click on (and change the color of) the top post I had read. The next time I signed on, I could just read the topics of the posts since that one. Any possibility of this being corrected?