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Jun 24, 2006 04:50 AM

Any way to customize the view?

I'm used to having a lot more headers on the screen. Is there any way to customize the view so I have have smaller type and less space and more actual topics?

So far, that's one thing about the new design I really hate. Among other things, if people don't see a topic on the first page, they're just going to start a new topic. The potential for half a dozen threads a day asking "Where can I eat for three days in SF" is depressing.


PS: What's with the 15 minute time limit on editing posts?

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  1. Yeah, the large fonts are my main gripe too. As far as customizing, I noticed that when you go to "My Chow" there is a link called "edit settings" but so far all you can do is change your password. Perhaps there are more customization features yet to be implemented?

    1. I have the same question as Ruth and Gary!! (just tried to post it in fact, but lost my wireless at just the wrong moment, so ironically, Ruth's fear could have come true at just the wrong time....)

      I thought that when I first signed up I got an email telling me there was a way to personalize, but now I can't find it. Specially, I can't figure out how to add my email while still using a user name...and I'd also like to default to certain boards...



      1. I just posted a temporary workaround on font size for viewing at the Feedback/Report Problems site...maybe this can help?