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Heavyweight Brewing Company: R.I.P.

My heart is heavy to report that Heavyweight Brewing, the artisinal brewery that only made big, broad, rich, strong beers, is going out of business next month. They never really got the distribution they deserved. They'll be missed.

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  1. That is sad news. They lived up to their name and were a rare bright light in the North East beer scene. Sputen Duyvil just had a special night w/their beers and w/Triumph.

    1. Not so sad news since Tom and Peggy will probably reincarnate their business as a brewpub.

      I thought the distribution was somewhat decent for a brewery that small, only problem is that since it was a one man (and one woman) operation, they just didn't have the support in markets outside of their homebase. Beer geeks swiped them up when they were first introduced to the Boston region, then as beer geeks do, they moved on to something else, and HW beers died on the shelf. Its a common theme in the craft beer industry.

      1. Sad to hear. I really like their belgian-style Lunacy, sometimes the have it on draft at my local pub in Philly.

        1. very sad news. heavyweight was easily my most anticipated favorite beer fest at the old BLIND TIGER ALE HOUSE. i really enjoyed perkuno's hammer imperial stout & the beire de art saison, both were regular tap brews at the tiger. also i remember liking some one off bock they had once or twice. never saw it in bottles.

          1. a little (final?) heavyweight event news at the collins bar in manhattan and muggs in brooklyn. from the blind tiger in exile email newsletter:

            Dear Tigerites,

            I've heard through the grapevine that Muggs is doing a Heavyweight Event for our dear friend Tom Baker at 7:30 PM on Wed. July 12th... Just so I know you can enjoy both great events, I'll be starting the Secret Stash Event at 5:00PM at the Collins (cheese, beers and all)... In fact, Tom Baker will be stopping by at the ol'Collins just so we can really get things started in the right fashion... Wow, both Sam and Tom - not too bad, huh? So, on that note, my suggestion to you all is to take work off on Thursday... I'm serious...

            Long live the Tiger...

            1. I miss Heavyweight, Lunacy in particular. Any word on the brewpub that Tom and Peggy were planning?

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                Their new place, Earth Bread + Brewery is in Philly (Mt Airy). Should be ready to go any day now...

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                  It will be in Philadelphia and is close to opening, slthough it has been plauged by delays:


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                    Thanks to both of you for the info!

                  2. It's been a few years now, but I agree with the sentiment of the OP. I *loved* Perkuno's Hammer; in fact it was my all-time favorite Baltic Porter.

                    And I regret never having the opportunity to taste Heavyweight's beautiful-sounding variations on the smoked bock theme.