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Jun 24, 2006 04:27 AM

sign-up troubles

I signed up with my preferred name, "david kaplan", during the beta test and never got an automated email to confirm it. Now, I'm unable to log in as "david kaplan" since it was never confirmed, but "david kaplan" is now considered an unavailable screenname. How can I be "david kaplan"? Do I have to make up a new name (by adding an implausible middle initial, for instance)?

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  1. We've had reported problems with Hotmail users not receiving any email from us. Other Hotmail users have had mails end up in the junk mail folder. Check your junk mail folder, and if you see us there, add to your whitelist. If you don't see us there, we're not sure what the problem is.

    We've reset your account, so you should be able to sign in using "david kaplan" and the address you used to sign up, and the password you used at registration. if you're still having troubles, email us at If everything works, post back here so we know you are all set.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Thanks for re-setting. Looks like I'm back to "david kaplan" and don't have to add a "q" to my screenname.

      1. re: david kaplan

        I thought it was jauntier that way, myself....