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Jun 24, 2006 04:22 AM

French Rolls at Wrap Delight (Vietnam Sandwiches)

Anyone else notice the new french rolls at Wrap Delight? They're a bit denser than what they used to use and the crust is not as crunchy. Personally I liked the old rolls that Saigon Sandwiches still uses so I guess I'll have to brave the long lines or go at weird hours for lunch.

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  1. I had not, thanks for the intel.

    I have been waffling between Wrap Delight & Saigon Sandwiches. For a long time, only Wrap Delight offered the fried tofu veggie Bahn Mi which I actually really like. Then I got a couple of sandwiches with serious freezer burn flavor (which is totally icky when it come to tofu). Then I discovered SS now offers tofu. Then I discovered that several friends order "extra veggies" and get a PILE of extra pickled veggies which I love. Now I learn that the rolls at SS are the superior original...sounds like SS is beating WD in the Bahn Mi Wars. (la rochelle previously Pssst.