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Jun 24, 2006 04:05 AM

Best Chinese Delivery on UWS

Originally from CA, I now live in the lower west 70s (@ B'way) and have yet to find a Chinese delivery that I actually enjoy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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  1. cottage restaurant on amsterdam/77th

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    1. re: miltk

      Despite the, at times, vociferous support of some for The Cottage - I have to speak up here. This place SUCKS. I can't believe it gets the positive reviews some have left on Menupages. I picked all the dishes cited by supporters in their reviews for delivery one night. Every dish was greasy and bland. I'm convinced people like this place for the free wine offered when you dine in the restaurant. 88 Noodle House is a step up, but that realy isn't saying much. The Chow Fun at 88 is pretty nasty and greasy.

      The truth about UWS Chinese food that none of it is really any good. You have to leave the neighborhood if you want decent Chinese. Other Asian food in the UWS can be pretty good. Land is okay for Thai. Saigon Grill is outstanding for it's genre. For Chinese, we have Hunan Balcony, and China Fun. Neither of which is anything to get excited about. Anyone been to Chin Chin, Chaim, or Mr. K's lately?

      1. re: powermd

        Don't underestimate the positive effects of two liters of free cheap wine on one's dining experience.

        1. re: powermd

          i agree with you re the cottage. it's amazing that the offering of free wine will influence people to give positive reviews of the FOOD.

          1. re: powermd

            Hear, hear! The Cottage is WAY bland & WAY overrated. I've been looking for a decent place on the UWS since Hunan Park closed. While I haven't found a worthy replacement, I can tell you what's NOT good: Ivy's Cafe, Lime Leaf, Ollie's & Empire Szechuan Kyoto.

        2. Yin Cheng on Amsterdam between 67th & 68th is pretty good.

          1. I actually have a similar question. I moved to central Harlem but most of the places on the UWS from the 90s on up deliver. I have yet to find a Chinese delivery place I like, and would like to hear some opinions. I've tried Hunan Balcony, Ollie's, etc. I usually end up getting stuff from Saigon Grill.

            I am not a fan of Ginger - overpriced and not very good.

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            1. re: Picnic

              Pearls on 98th and Amsterdam.

              1. re: LJW

                Does it deliver to Central Harlem? Last time I gave the staff my address and asked this question, they seemed rather perplexed and had to take out a map (I decided against delivery).

                1. re: LJW

                  Can you tell me what you like to order at Pearls? I've seen it recommended before but I've ordered from there and didn't think it was all that. No better than Ollie's, really (and I'm just looking for *slightly* better. I am willing to give it another shot, though.

                  I also tried dining in there, but I realized it's a free wine place, and the crowd was there only for that - mostly Columbia seniors (I hope) looking to get drunk. Not a good scene so I left.

                  1. re: mjps2

                    My favorite dishes there are the watercress shrimp dumplings, curry bean curd, rice cake w/shredded pork & salted veggies, and the sauteed Chinese bok choy. I like the spring roll too--not too greasy and filled with food that I can actually identify. We usually go on weekends and don't notice CU students, but what looks to be mostly a middle-aged crowd from the neighborhood.

              2. I actually like certain items at China Fun a lot--and I think it is better than the Cottage mentioned above. Their main courses can be hit and miss but they make good dumplings and roast meats. I particularly like their steamed pork, steamed vegetable, and crystal shrimp dumplings and the chichen dumplings in spicy Chinese parsley sauce.

                1. I'm happy with Wok City, Amsterdam at 67th.

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                  1. re: Marine Engineer

                    A second for Wok City. Like Yin Cheng for eating in, but have had less success with their delivery.