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Jun 24, 2006 03:00 AM

Muffaletta In Williams, CA

Not in SF but we have to stop on the way up and back from fishing for great Muffalatta at:

Williams, CA Just west of I-5 146 Miles No. of Sunnyvale, 80 mi North of JJD, 58 miles No, of Sacramento and 103 mile South of Redding:

Granzella’s Deli, Bakery, and Restaurant
451 6th Street
Williams, CA 95987
T 530-473-1561/5496
F 530-473-2957
Great Muffalatta Sandwiches, Free Olive Tasting,
Jars of Muffalatta Mix about $6.

Trader Joe's once carried a mix but as with almost everything else we liked there, its been discontinued.

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  1. I stopped there recently on a trip to Portland. The Muffaletta sandwich was so so good! The olives are cheaper at the Olive Pit though...and there is a larger selection. Got smoked olives Corning. Yummmm.