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Jun 24, 2006 02:49 AM

Username length

My username I posted under on Chowhound was "JS". Apparently your new system requires a minimum of 3 characters.

That sucks.

I made a new username, and now it's showing "my" old posts - from whoever the person was that posted under the name Josh.

Why not allow 2 character names? I'd hate to lose the ability to track my old stuff.

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  1. Sorry. You can always just add a space, ala J S (at least we think so....give it a try). You can for sure do J.S.

    1. Really? You can do punctuation? I tried to sign up yesterday as Debbie W. and it didn't work so I e-mailed for help and was told to try without punctuation. I was able to sign up as Debbie W but I'd rather use the period. Thoughts?

        1. Well, the problem is that the old posts are filed under "JS". The only reason I'd want to retain that same name is so that those earlier posts are still tied to my new user account.

          1. Josh, the old stuff won't tie in with your future postings no matter what. The imported data doesn't hook in like that.

            Debbie, we allowed periods in username just recently. The programmers have been working hard....

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            1. re: Jim Leff

              Thanks, Jim. Now we'll wait until they figure out how to allow us to change our usernames. Probably not the highest priority right now.

              1. re: Debbie W

                Exactly. I really can't believe how much they DID get done (and so well). There's some stuff missing, but I get the feeling the developers are going to really keep pushing until it's near-perfect.