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Jun 24, 2006 02:49 AM

ASEAN countries

Every country you've listed is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, except for East Timor and that's just a matter of time. Wouldn't calling this the Southeast Asian board make more sense than Greater Asia?'

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  1. I agree.
    Since Japan and China have their own boards, I finally figured Thailand was here.

    I think once they have settled, some fine tuning might come.

    1. I agree with Melanie. Calling it the Southeast Asia Board would make more sense. However, the problem is: where would you put Korea, or Tibet, or Bhutan (I think foodfirst has written here about Bhutan), or Mongolia, or different states along the silk road (is Uzbekistan still Russia?) Perhaps "Korea and Japan" (I can hear the objections...)? Bhutan & Tibet with Nepal and India?

      Just had a quick first look at the new website: it's awesome! I am looking forward to reading new posts from all the great old Southeast Asia hands from the old boards (you hear, Mary Shaposhnik? ;0) )


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      1. re: RST

        All precincts reporting... and foodfirst's AWESOME Sumatra come-hither post was a great way to begin.. I am seething with jealousy.

        This may be the wrong place to post, and perhaps we should be on "Site Talk," but I, for one, am okay with a "Greater Asia" board, meaning ASEAN + Korea + Mongolia + Himalaya countries, etc. I think so long as the title is somehow clear, and the subtitle shows which countries are listed, lumping it all together works better than splitting it apart. There's very little traffic, so sorting things out is not a problem, and it makes for great daydreaming to peruse other posts.

        I'd put the 'stans in with South Asia to make a South/Central Asia board, which we can expect would be dominated mostly by India.

        But definitely that's just fine tuning...

        1. re: mary shaposhnik

          "foodfirst's AWESOME Sumatra come-hither post"

          Sorry to be OT here, but I searched on "foodfirst," "Sumatra," and "Indonesia" and couldn't find this post. Could someone point me in the right direction? TIA.

          1. re: JoanN

            That's because this thread migrated from Greater Asia. Check that board.

        2. re: RST

          Tibet, in case you were unaware, is part of China.

          What about Taiwan? Hmm, sailing in contentious waters here....

          1. re: Gary Soup

            The Taiwan one's easy. There is only one China . . . there just happen to be two governments. (g)

        3. Yes, if this is the wrong board to discuss this, pls go ahead and move it.

          I don't know: posts on Southeast Asian cuisine have a long and illustrious history on Chowhound. Not all of them were on the old International Board of course, but instead adventurous, pioneering discussions flowered in every nook and cranny of the website-for instance, in Melanie's posts on Filipino in the Bay Area or discussions of Vietnamese in LA or in those early historic threads on Lotus of Siam where a small band of enthusiasts discovered rich unheard-of dimensions of regional Thai cuisine and led the rest of the country (and of the world) in a renaissance of connoisseurship of this cuisine. In my own local board (the Chicago Board), I can still remember those heady breathless days of excitement as we, communally (foodfirst's great pioneering translation of the Spoon Thai menu in hand), tricked out and learned to appreciate (and taught a whole city to appreciate) one great unknown Thai dish after another. Who, in Chicago, a mere 3 or so years ago, knew anything about banana blossom salad, or Isaan sausage, or mieng kam, or gaeng tai plaa, or gaeng nor mai, or pounded green papaya, or ants eggs for this matter ;0) There "is" a large community of Southeast Asian connoisseurs on CH, scattered everywhere: we know who we are, though we have never had our own place to meet and interact. Devoting a forum to Southeast Asian might be a way to energize/reenergize this community. Let's take it to the next level...

          I would put Korea and Japan together-there were few posts on either country on the old Intl and we could split them up when the time comes. I would for coherence's sake put Taiwan, Hong Kong and yes, Macau with China. Then I would add one board "West/Central Asia" which would include the Himalayas, Mongolia, the -stans...

          That's just ONE additional board...


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          1. re: RST

            Very cool to have the ol' Asian hands kibbitzing about this. I have put in a request to the mods to move this to Site Talk.

            P.S. RST, you might want to add your email address to your profile. There isn't a field for it, but you can type it into one of the otherwise designated fields. Several of us are doing that.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Done. I have it under the McD question.

            2. re: RST

              I'm a little confused about what you're asking for, Richard. You aren't arguing for putting posts about Thai restaurants in Chicago or Las Vegas or Chinese in the Bay area into an ASEAN board, are you?

              It's funny you mentioned this because I, too, read and enjoyed all these threads you refer to. In a way, it's a shame that they aren't collected in one place, but on the other hand, there's something wonderful about seeing these cuisines represented outside of their native countries.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Hi Dave,

                No not at all. However, it is tempting to consider the possibility of incorporating more general (i.e. not restaurant-specific, or destination-specific) discussions of the cuisines of these countries in these separate boards. As we know, this is done in some other food chat boards. For instance, if I should feel like chatting about let's say "ginataang langka" (without any restaurant in mind-here in the US, or elsewhere) one morning, I would really hesitate to post it on General Board for fear of it being lost or overwhelmed. On the other hand, a post directed to a tight little audience on an "Asia" board or a "Southeast Asia" board might stimulate a nice little discussion.

                Yes. Terrific history of Thai discussions on Chowhound. It can be argued that no other media has done more for Thai cuisine in the US than Chowhound has. This website has always been the leader for this.

                1. re: RST

                  Obviously, there are tradeoffs no matter how you structure the board. You are probably right that a post about ginataang langka wouldn't attract a crowd in General Topics (although I could be wrong). I think if we had boards devoted exclusively to one cuisine, the most knowledgeable few might dominate.

                  For this nonexpert, somehow I think it's easier and more fun to pick up knowledge through osmosis, anecdotally through the discussion of restaurants.

                  Is there room for a "tight" board to co-exist with geographic boards and cooking boards? My guess is yes, but who knows?

            3. I'm gonna go against popular opinion here and say that, for now, why do we need to split up the Asian posts? Most pple who are interested in Asia are interested in all of Asia (well, maybe it's just me) and it's a pain to have to go to first one board, then another to see all the Asia discussions.

              Besides - and this may change over time - I just don't think there are enough Asia posts to justify splitting the boards. There are sometimes weeks without an Asia post. I say, for ease of use, keep the Asia posts together *for now*. If Asia traffic increases then split the boards (in this case I would go NE Asia, SE Asia, and subcontinental Asia).

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              1. re: foodfirst

                Yes, there should be a line drawn where soy sauce leaves off and yogurt begins.

                1. re: Sharuf

                  Problematic - we eat plenty of yogurt here in Malaysia! ;-)

                2. re: foodfirst

                  By this logic then Italy and France and Spain and England should all be combined as one European board. And how does Russia rate it's own board?

                  1. re: PeterL

                    My logic is based on traffic. Spain, France, Italy all get enough to merit their own boards (heck, there's probably enough El Bulli posts alone to merit a board).

                  2. re: foodfirst

                    That's fine by me too. Just trying to draw logical lines since Asia has ALREADY been split up into three boards. How about keeping it to three this way:

                    Keep to three boards:

                    East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Macau) Japan and Korea did not get enough posts on the old board to merit their own board.

                    SEAsia (all the Asean nations + East Timor + possibly Polynesia)
                    This will have lots of traffic.

                    West/Central Asia (Mongolia, the Himalayas inclg Tibet, all the -stans inclg possibly Afghanistan, maybe even Iran/Persia, OK shall we throw in Turkey as well ;0), heck why not Yunnan as well if it's not about Han cuisine ;0) )


                    1. re: foodfirst

                      That's a very American-centric view of things. I'm guessing that eventually this site will have more foreign-country representation. Part of achieving that representation involves giving international people logical boards on which to post about their countries.

                    2. The original comment has been removed