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Jun 24, 2006 02:38 AM

Help with dinner in Natick

We'll be in Natick tomorrow night and downtown Boston on SUnday night. Help! It's our first time in the Boston area and we're looking for solid, local cuisine, no tourist traps or exepnse account fru-fru. We love seafood more than beef, and I won't have a jacket or tie. Best bets?

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  1. Im confused by your post. The title indicates your looking for someplace in Natick yet the text seems to indicatre you want something in Boston. Which one is it? You will get VERY different answers depending on that.

    1. Don't know if you're up for Japanese but my favorite restaurant in natick is Oga's. imo it's the best japanese place in Boston and the focus is on the food. They serve more of 'traditional style' sushi and it's amazing. They also have a wide variety of appetizers and some entrees.

      Definitely not a tourist trap. Prices are reasonable too.

      You can see Oga's on a map here: