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Jun 24, 2006 01:49 AM

Sunday Birthday Dinner

I apologize if you've seen this post already, I posted this earlier but it doesn't seem to be on the new board. My bf has his birthday this year on Sunday (which is great, some restaurants seem to be quieter on Sundays vs. Saturdays). Wanted some suggestions of a romantic fish/meat place with great desserts that perhaps has a pretty view. We live in West LA but will drive as long as it's not as far as Orange County or anything like that. Maybe a different scene than Santa Monica? Thanks!(Oh, he doesn't like lobster).

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  1. Hi there -S.M. has great restaurants! One of my favorites is actually the Lobster at the pier. Request a table at the window. I love the food and they've plenty without even the notion of lobster. My BF took me to Charthouse for Valentines Day. It was really lovely. Or, further W is BeauRivage near Solstice Canyon. Beautiful. If you're not into the coast, How 'bout Pasadena area? Here's a few I really like. Mi Piace, Saladang Song -Thai and really nice. Sit out on the patio at a corner table. Smitty's for a steak. Again sit on their patio-a very special place. Last week my Pasadena friend took me to Il Fornaio- It was lovely. We sat on their patio. With my wine, our meals, my coffee and 1 desert we shared the bill came to 70$.