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Jun 24, 2006 01:17 AM

Help us eat our way through NYC :)

Hi Hounds:

Will be in NYC from Aug 18th - Aug 21st and have two restaurants on our itinerary.

August 18 - The Palm for dinner.
August 21 - Norma's for breakfast.

We are looking for a place for dinner before the theatre on Saturday. We were thinking of DB Bistro Moderne or Oga for Japenese Tapas.

On Sunday we are thinking of doing brunch at the Blue Water Grill and now need a place for dinner. We want to get out of midtown and are game for any and all types of food within a budget of $150 a couple and nothing similiar to what we have planned. Would appreciate all and any suggestions for our Sunday brunch and dinner.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Hey there,
    I would suggest swapping out Norma's for either Prune or Balthazar. I've heard recent "downhill reports" about Norma's although I haven't been recently myself. For Sunday, you should eat at Babbo. Call exactly one month ahead. It's spectacular and I believe can be done within your budget provided you go easy on the wine. : )

    As for pre theater, I would recommend sushi at Shimizu on 51st Street. It's not far from the theater district and then fish is wonderful. I have always thought that Shimizu is way underrated and you will find plenty of positive things about it on this board.

    Enjoy your visit and please report back!


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      Good call if you want authentic and well priced Japanese pre-theatre.

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      1. To that list to swap out, I would also remove Blue Water Grill. Rude service, very weak food and high prices, and the space is pretty mediocre, too. I find the brunch there to be especially miserable. Instead, try Country, a few blocks up-- it's new and excellent. It may cost a few dollars more, but it is well worth it.

        DB Bistro Moderne is a safe pre-theater bet. I tend to think the burger there is overrated but if you're amused by the concept of a $31 hamburger, then you might as well--it's your vacation. For something very "New York" you could also try 21 Club, which is a former speakeasy (though the food is not great, it is an experience). Bar Americain is another strong midtown restaurant.

        If you can get into Babbo, it's great, but for a somewhat more casual/romantic experience, I'd also look into AOC Bedford. or there's always Lupa, the less-expensive Batali alternative to Babbo that is still good and takes walk-ins (with a wait, of course).

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          1. Check out Bubby's on Main Street in DUMBO (Brooklyn). The food is really great. Try the omelette with smoked trout or huevos rancheros. Its just over the Brooklyn Bridge and right next to the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park that has great views of Lower Manhattan.