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Jun 23, 2006 06:01 PM

appetizer wanted

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It's over 100 degrees here and our friend has invited us over for a BBQ (he's grilling steak). Our contribution is the appetizer. What should I make?

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    Fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato salad or an Italian bread salad

      1. re: kim shook

        Interesting idea, but wouldn't the classic melon and prosciutto be more seasonal?

        1. re: Aaron

          Melons aren't particularly seasonal north of the equator whereas figs are almost here.

          1. re: Aaron

            I got beautiful black missions this past weekend in Richmond, VA. 90+ degrees here.

            1. re: kim shook

              I hate to quibble, but that's my biggest pet peve...just because something can be obtained doesn't make it seasonal. Where were they from? They could be shipped from anywhere, the horrors of which I won't go into.

              1. re: Aaron

                Speaking of pet peeves... Where in the question does the poster say they need it to be seasonal?????

        2. A large tub (500 ml) of cream cheese to which is added: 7 - 9 cloves of roasted garlic, mashed, and 2 tbsp chopped black olives. Fabulous app. Bring lots of crackers or toast points. It won't last long!

          1. If you can find some tasty tomatoes, brushetta would make a great appetizer for a backyard barbecue. They have good recipes for this on