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Jun 23, 2006 05:37 AM

Rice Dispenser?

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Does anyone here have a rice dispenser? They are pretty common in Asia but not too many people have them here. I'm thinking about getting one because it's a pain to lug out a heavy (and big) plastic container of rice to measure out what I need -- with the dispenser, I would just put the cooker pot under the spout and pull the lever.

If you have one, would you recommend it? And how much do they normally cost? I plan on looking online, but also hubby is overseas and will be stopping in Singapore for a couple days to visit my family so I can always have me bring one from there if the price difference is extreme.

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  1. Living in Japan I go through a lot of rice. However, I have a smaller kitchen so what I do is put my rice in a smaller tupperware and keep the bigger bag of rice in storage.

    I keep my plastic measuring cup (specific for my rice cooker) in the tupperware with the rice.

    My instinct says don`t bother with the dispenser. You should be able to find a suitable substitute in the states.

    My mom who is Japanese and lives in the states has survived 40 years without a rice dispenser.

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      Like Yukari we store the large bag and keep a smaller container in the kitchen which can hold about 5 pounds of rice.

    2. I've never seen a rice dispenser, but my mom uses an adorable trash can with a foot lever that opens the top when you step on it. She got a really cute one so it doesn't look so much like a trash can. And of course it's never been used for anything but rice.

      1. I've seen them at 99Ranch, a West coast Asian grocery chain, but haven't paid much attention to them. I think they sell around $40, and are about the size of a desktop PC (main box). If you have the counter space, and regularly buy your rice in large bags, such an item might be convenient.


        1. We live in the States, we have one, we love it. Ours has three buttons and will measure out 150 grams [i think] 300 and 450. Push a button and out it comes. Beats the heck out of tripping over the bag of rice on the floor and with a family of four, they just don't make tupperware big enough.

          But I wouldn't haul one back from overseas---I'd just hit a chinese or asian grocery store or department store [here in LA we have both]. We have a Tayama Rice Tank which holds 15 kg. I think it was about $30.

          Where do you live? We got ours at Wing Hop Fung in the LA Chinatown but I'm sure you can find them other places.

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          1. re: jenn

            I'm in LA too and I've seen them at several markets, including Hong Kong market, where they were cheapest. The only reason I was considering having hubby bring one from Singapore is because they have a much better selection there, including colors, digital (tells you how much water to add, when you need to buy more rice, etc). It was more for the fun factor. ;)

            Thanks for the replies everyone. Living in a townhome, we don't have much storage space for extra rice which is why I need a container to hold the entire bag.

            1. re: boogiebaby

              I don't doubt that they have a better selection there and it does sound like fun but if its digital, does it run on batteries or plug in? And if it plugs in, what do you do about the different current?

              We have a fancy schmancy rice cooker that tells how much water to add, cooks rice about 11 different ways and plays one song to start and one to stop. Bought it with money squeezed out of our landlord for depriving us of a shower and full use of the bathroom for nearly 2 months [over christmas to boot!].

              Never heard of a storage unit that sang. Sounds like fun. One other thing though---I saw on one airline's web site that due to crowded flights this summer, they are banning boxes---suitcases only. So if you do decide to haul one back, you might want your spouse to check with the airline to be sure that he will be allowed to bring it on the plane. . . .

          2. I think Alton Brown has these neat cereal dispensers on the counter in Good Eats, and they would work great for rice.