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Breakfast for dinner

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It was a 105 today. The A/C circuit breaker couldn't deal with it so I made lox and eggs for dinner. I've made breakfast for dinner on other occasions as well. One summer evening I didn't want to wait for the weekend to make brunch so I made waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I served it with thick cut bacon. Does anyone else make breakfast for dinner? If so, what do you make?

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  1. While I don't care for breakfast foods, with the exception of bagels and bacon, DH loves it. I'll make him eggs over easy with either sausage, bacon or scrapple for dinner. Once in awhile an omlet. Lot's of people I know make breakfast for dinner.

    1. If my husband is away I'll often toast a bagel and have it with cheese. That's mostly when I can't be bothered to cook.

      1. Growing up, having breakfast for dinner was one of our favorites. I still love to have eggs and bacon or even pancakes on occassion. My husband is partial to frittatas, which I guess can be considered either but he prefers it as a dinner.


        1. Yum! Count me in on the breakfast for dinner crowd. It could be untoasted bialys, cream cheese, thick sliced bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice, or buttermilk waffles and bacon.
          If hubby is cooking, its either his french toast and applewood smoked bacon, or his fabulous but deadly rich breakfast quiche. Either way, I cook the bacon.

          If hubby is gone, it has to be a fried egg sandwich on white toast with ketchup. Yeah, I know.

          1. Not quite Breakfast for dinner, but breakfast for dessert! I cannot handle sweet foods in the morning, but I love waffles or french toast for dessert! My friends think that I am crazy, but these warm comfort foods are perfect for dessert.

            1. Love breakfast for dinner- sometimes something as easy as a bowl of cereal. I also love lunch for breakfast, too. Love a grilled cheese sandwich to start the day.

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                I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for brekky the other day!

                I often have "breakfast" for dinner but I almost never have it for actual breakfast. LOL

                I prefer a sandwich or salad for breakfast in the summer and soup in the winter.

                Then there is the English "fry up" which we had as a treat for dinner when I was a kid.
                Fried eggs, shrooms, hashbrowns, toms bacon. Beans in a pot, then to soak up all the grease from the fried stuff - (my fave part) fried bread!

              2. When it comes to very late dinners (if we've been out to a movie or shopping in the evening), we will frequently have matzoh brei or a simple omelet and maybe some asparagus or whatever left-over veggies we might have in the fridge. Occasionally, if we happen to have some cheese, too, the eggs and veggies will morph into a frittata.

                1. We have breakfast for dinner a lot, esp. when we're feeling low on cash or something! Nothing's cheaper than breakfast! This Tuesday we had a baked apple pecan pancake, bacon, and hashbrowns... the way the bf has the AC kicked up, it doesn't matter how hot it is outside, I can still bake! We also do breakfast burritos a lot or my parents always made French Breakfast Puffs (it's originally a Bisquick recipe, but they are SO good!) Brunch meals are actually probably my favorite kind of meal... it's what we always have on Christmas and often what I request at my birthday. Christmas just isn't Christmas without my Grandma's egg casserole, sausage balls, and "dirty rice!"

                  1. April 1 was backwards day in our house when my kids were young and to this day when I ask them their favorite holiday memories - it's backwards day! Pizza, coke & ice cream for breakfast; chocolate chip pancakes, bacon/ sausage, fresh OJ, and hot chocolate with whipped cream for dinner. Doesn't get better than that in a kid's eyes.

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                      What a great idea. I'll have to remember that for my own kids.

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                        Great idea! It must have been fun to be a kid in your house! :0)

                      2. Dinner is my favorite time to have breakfast! And I like soup or fried rice to start the day. Twenty seven years into my marriage and my husband is still scratching his head over that (kids gave up on me long ago).

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                          I love soup for breakfast, esp. chunky soups. I also love risotto in the morning, even more if it's cooled down and you can make patties out of it.

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                            What a great community this is!

                        2. I eat breakfast for dinner more often than I eat dinner for dinner or breakfast for breakfast. :-)

                          Standbys are: toast (with infinite variations); cereal (again, lots of combos); pancakes (small or oven-puffed); breakfast parfaits; eggs (esp. soft boiled, scrambled or omelettes); veggie sausage and hashbrowns; strata (though only as a leftover - I don't make it just for me).

                          1. I love breakfast for dinner. Usually I'll make some kind of omelet, small salad, glass of chard. Last night I had chicken sausage, two fried eggs, romaine salad with vinagrette.

                            1. When I'm worn out I love vegetarian baked beans or Heinz beans in tomato sauce w/ a fried egg. It's similar to the English breakfast, but I first had it in Spain as their interpretation of Cuban food. They served same w/white rice and a fried banana. Moral is: Spanish food is nothing like "Spanish" food as many people like to call it :)

                              1. Nothing better than an omlette and a salad for dinner. I've been partial to ham and cheddar omlettes of late. It's funny -- I NEVER eat eggs for breakfast, breakfast for me is always yogurt, a banana, and maybe a granola bar. Go figure!

                                1. I'm with DanaB... NEVER have eggs for breakfast but at least once a week I have a frittata or omelet for dinner. If I'm really late, I'll have a boiled egg or two on toast. I've converted a few people, too!
                                  I don't do cereal for dinner though.... it's strictly a morning meal for me (except the odd handful here and there throughout the day....)

                                  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner. My favorite is to add a savory item, like cream cheese, to matzoh brie. And poached eggs go great with everything, including salad, or lentil soup.

                                    And look at the tortilla espanola, which we eat lots of in my house. Of course it's not a breakfast food, but it certainly contains all of the ingredients (onions and potatoes from hashbrowns + eggs).

                                    1. We do this a lot when we're feeling rushed -- no time to cook in the morning, so when we want a nice breakfast we have it for dinner. One nice thing we picked up from Spain was that it's OK to eat a sandwich for breakfast... so the night before I will occasionally make us a small ficelle with country ham and cheese (Idiazabal is great).

                                      1. In the hot humid weather we've been having the prospect of cooking dinner has just taken the stuffing out of me. Somehow heating two waffles (homemade but frozen) and mixing up some yogurt with lots of berries and a drizzle of maple syrup really did it as a great dinner for me. That and some iced tea or iced coffee and I was set. I can always add some sausages or meatless sausage as a treat.

                                        1. Do you guys mean that you're supposed to eat only certain foods at certain times?
                                          Or is beer and cold pizza for breakfast still OK.

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                                            LOVE it!
                                            Or if feeling awake eggs benny and I put beer in the hollandaise to flavour it nad drink same beer alongside :)

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                                              I totally still have beer and cold pizza for breakfast. And I have been out of college for almost 20 years.

                                            2. My DH really likes pepper & eggs parm. When I make the open face sandwich for dinner I tend to out the peppers for myself but round out the meal with other breakfast=type sides, home fries, fruit salad, etc. Comfort food, oh my!

                                              1. LOVE breakfast, any time of day. Pancakes, crepes etc are usually what I crave, but I've done bacon/eggs too. Think it's from hanging out at diners in high school...

                                                1. Breakfast for dinner is a weekly request around here! Most popular: Poached eggs, balsamic butter sauce, pesto crostini, and a little shaved Reggiano on top.

                                                  1. I'll do an omelet for dinner sometimes because it's quick and easy... I never do potatoes at breakfast time (too much work!) but if we're having breakfast for dinner I'll usually do some then.
                                                    The other night my stomach was EXTREMELY acid and demanding fat-free food, so I made myself a couple of poached eggs on really nice toast for dinner... boy was that good!

                                                    Oh, and if I get hungry late at night, instead of having junk food or raiding the pantry, I'll have a bowl of cereal and milk... it settles the munchies and I can at least pretend it's good for me...

                                                    1. Bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits is a lazy dinner option for me quite often. I'm also a sucker for a fried egg sandwich and will eat it any time of day. As an undergrad it was my late night study food....something I could eat late that gave me energy but no heartburn :)

                                                      1. We eat made-to-order 'breakfast sandwiches' at least once a week for dinner at our house. Eggs, sausage/bacon/ham, cheese, and tomato on buttered toast/english muffin/bagel. Takes about 5 minutes to make, as we have the bread and meat portioned out in the freezer, ready to go. Kid loves it (he's 2). We love it. We haven't given him the option of anything with syrup for dinner yet - we'll do that on a babysitter night...

                                                        1. mmmm.... breakfast...

                                                          when make it for dinner, i'll usually make omelets or a frittata w/home fries (using my dad's most-excellent recipe) and a salad of baby greens, lightly dressed.

                                                          or, buttermilk pancakes with thick-cut bacon. i don't think a better combination exists...

                                                          1. We love breakfast for dinner, probably more than at breakfast time, actually. We have omelets and salad with a nice viniagrette or omelets and english muffins with orange marmalade. Sometimes pancakes (kid's favorite) covered with loads of fresh fruit and syrup, whipped cream once in a while if I have it. Bacon, eggs, and toast. Sometimes on omelet or bacon & egg night I'll fry potatoes and onions but not very often, really. Poached eggs on toast.
                                                            I no longer have a waffle iron but used to do waffles with fruit & syrup for supper.

                                                            Swiss Meusli:

                                                            Place 2 cups rolled oats in a bowl, mix in 1 c milk and add some honey. Pop it in the fridge for several hours or overnight and at supper time add lots of fresh fruit, some almonds or hazelnuts or whatever you like, and a cup of plain yogurt. I love oranges to be included in this but whatever combo of fruits you like is the ticket. This doesn't sound like much but it's actually delicious and, for me at least, addicting. A piece of toasted whole grain bread with some honey spread on it tastes good with the muesli.
                                                            Makes a cool, nutritious no-cook supper on a steamy day.
                                                            Really, it's one of those things that tastes better than it sounds.

                                                            As kids we could choose our birthday dinner and for many years I chose either burgers on the grill or waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon.

                                                            1. Twice this month as it is property tax time, and we dont want to cut into our dining out budget. It is a cheap way to have a decent dinner with items already in the house.

                                                              Typically I will eat

                                                              (3) over-easy eggs - w/runny yolks
                                                              hashbrowns - crispy

                                                              I will use one egg and some bacon and make a sandwich with the toast and a slice of American Cheese.

                                                              Typically all smothered in a hot sauce of some type, this month I have been using a bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce I bought.

                                                              1. We love breakfast for dinner and will often do something as simple as scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and fresh fruit. Night before last we had chicken fajitas and with the leftovers we made an egg-white omelet for last nights supper. Just filled with the chicken, sauteed peppers, and sauteed onions then topped with salsa and a bit of sour cream. Oh so good!

                                                                1. My mom used to cook pancakes for supper now and then, and I thought it was wonderful--except that she never made enough. I'd do that now but every time I suggest it Mike says he doesn't want it. Doesn't like breakfast stuff for supper. (He's gone right now on a road trip, so I should make myself some pancakes, but both the nights he's gone I've already got social engagements over supper.) But he likes huevos rancheros, which I only cook for supper, so I guess that's not actually a breakfast food. Or maybe it's just the sweet stuff he doesn't like.

                                                                  When I was a kid at one point I decided I "didn't like normal breakfast food." About that time I discovered that restaurants that say "breakfast served all day" usually will make some of their dinner entrees at breakfast time, too. So I would have a patty melt or something for breakfast. (If we went to a place that only served breakfast at breakfast hours, somehow I managed to tuck nicely into a blueberry waffle or something with absolutely no unhappiness about it. It had nothing to do with a food aversion; I suspect I was just putting on some sort of show.)