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Jun 23, 2006 11:17 AM

Paris - Monday night restaurant suggestions

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Help please.

I've only the one night in Paris in September and its a Monday! Can anyone suggest a really lovely restaurant not too far out of the centre that I can get great food and a romantic/intimate atmosphere thats open Monday evenings. Obviously the food comes first.

Your help is much appreciated.

Sian Ellis

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  1. Wouldn't call it romantic but I know Astier is open (can't remember the metro stop but its maybe in the 11th?) and it delivers very good food at reasonable prices, topped by a fabulous cheese board and a reasonable wine list.

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      Astier is in the 11th, on rue J-P Timbaud, not so far from the Oberkampf.
      It is so good (for the price, or regardless) that my French friends now bring their parents there when they are in town!
      What is good: I had a special of sweetbreads and chanterelles there that I will never forget.
      Or get the herrings to start, they bring you a grand vat to eat to your heart's content.
      But whatever you do, save room for the cheese.
      They bring you a two-tiered basket of cheese, something like 20 different cheeses. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but you'll find out.

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        Astier is good value modern bistro and as stated in the previous post it is far from being intimate or romantic. The service can be sporadic, especially if you're seated in the barebone upstair. I am one of the few that do not care for their cheese tray because it more for quantity rather than quality. I much rather have a few well chosen cheeses.
        For a more intimate and cozy bistro, I like Le Pamphlet. I think the food is prepared with more care and the dining room is warmer and doesn't have the cramped feeling of many modern bistrots. There is also a small three table side room if you want privacy.
        For medium price (about 70 before wine), I like L'Angle du Faubourg. This is a restaurant rather a bistro so one has a sense of dining rather than eating. The decor is modern by has a has a warm glow and the service is excellent but not stuffy. The food is good combination of traditional/modern and has a luxurious feel to it. The management also owns Taillevent. They have a website: search for Taillevent, then L'Angle du Faubourg in their site.

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          Disagree! I lived in the neighborhood of Astier, and I know where the cheese is coming from. Obviously you don't eat 20 cheeses (or maybe you do), but you pick the best and ripest and most appropriate one(s) for you. There was always a very special amount and selection of both goat cheese, and some of more pungent cow's milk creations known to man. But Astier and Taillevent: we are talking about two totally different things. Astier is NOT a top-tier restaurant, but a bistro, one of the better ones in Paris, with surprisingly good cooking given what they charge. As I posted, I took my French friends, and now they take their French families. These are friends who never go out to eat unless it is super special since they, as they say, cook better themselves at home!

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            I am sorry that I hit a nerve. I was not comparing Astier to Taillevent or even to L"Angle du Faubourg. I happen to like Astier and been there quite a few times. I just gave an opinion that it is not romantic or intimate. It is a very lively bistro that offers good value. The times that I eat there, the cheese tray consisted mostly of firm cheeses; there was not a good blue, or a ripe camerbert or brie or a good running cheese. Maybe you had better luck or that I always prefered the late seating and the tray's been depleted. L'Angle du Faubourg was recommended if someone was looking for a more upscale alternative.