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Jun 23, 2006 02:53 PM

Flushing food courts?

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What is the best food court in Flushing? Recommendations and addresses please!

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  1. There's a food court on Main Street that is like a little bit of Hong Kong miraculously transplanted here. H Ling first wrote about it a year ago. I cant find that post, but I managed to find mine, written a week later:

    In need of further sustenance, I headed for the food court at 41-82 Main St, at which H Ling had written so glowingly of breakfast. 9 PM and it was still hopping. Everyone there Chinese. A stall in back, the first after the floor changes color from grey to red, was busiest. The sign said, in Chinese (all the signs in this court are in Chinese except for the front stall), Chengdu Little Somethingorother. A woman was sitting at a table eating a yummy-looking soup. I asked her what, and she said swan la (sweet and hot) noodles (no 48 on menu, $2.50)... too hot for you. I love hot, I said, and ordered it.

    The guy in charge poured various bright red oils and spices in the bottom of a soup bowl. His assistant took noodles, put them in a cage, and plunged them into a cauldron of boiling chicken stock to cook. The assistant poured stock in the bowl, and then the cooked transparent noodles. He put in a spoonful of bean sprouts, of preserved vegetables, a few scallions and peanuts, and there was my soup. Man, it was spicy! Almost as spicy as the water cooked pork at Spicy & Tasty, and that's the hottest thing they have. And it was as GOOD as Spicy & Tasty.Lots of Sichuan pepper flavor. I wolfed it down. There was a whole bunch of guys at the next table. They had brought some beer and were making a night of it. The assistant brought them dish after dish of Sichuan cuisine. They probably paid as much for all that as someone would now pay for yellowfish with pinenuts

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      The sign at the Chengdu Small "something" is 成都小吃 (Chengdu Snack) and the place is very good; the food is very authentic. I was recently at this food court for breakfast and ate at the place closest to the entrance, which served sort of Fujian-style dishes, including very good buns and noodles. Very cheap, and they find it very interesting when non-Chinese come to their booths.

    2. well here we are, at least some of us, on the new site and this is my first post.

      i havent been in the food court in a couple months, never for breakfast. i think i know that stand and i love sichuan so that is one awesome tip brian, thx.

      1. Thanks. And I just found H Ling's original post. The new search engine is awesome and took me right there. The link is

        1. There's the food court in the Flushing Mall at 133-33 39th Ave., which like the one on Main St., exudes an ambience that makes you feel like you're in Taipei, not New York, due to the lack of English language and signage. The bent here is also to Sichuan style and other spicy foods. Also a good Taiwanese shaved ice place and a hand cut noodle place.

          1. The Hand Drawn noodle place is wonderful! I was just there on Friday after a long, long walk down Northern Blvd from my home in North Flushing amidst a sea of red t-shirt clad Koreans getting ready for the soccer game. It was my first Asian meal after a long, excruciating recovery from a huge abdominal surgery and I wasn't fooling around. I ordered my ususal beef brisket soup ( I end up picking out all the fat and gristle which makes my Chinese friends laugh...)and also the panfried noodles with vegetables. My husband and I then brought our orders upstairs where we ate them with the awesome dumplings from the Korean/Chinese hybrid place (booth number 38) that is smushed in among the retail stores on the first floor. I LOVE this place so much. I could eat pounds of the crisp, spicy cabbage salad they serve with their dumplings (think un-fermented kimchee) and drink their unique dipping sauce. We always come here and we are never disappointed.

            BTW, we noticed a white pigeon sitting on a ceiling pipe inside the hand drawn noodle place. Intrepid eaters that we are, we didn't make much of it, although it can't be good for the Board of Health inspections :)

            All Things Delish,

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              Is that the noodle place outside the main part of the food court, closer to the 39th Ave. entrance? It caught my eye when I passed through a couple weeks back. We'll have to try it next time.

              BTW nice handle, lisa. Hope you're doing well.

              1. re: squid kun

                That is exactly the place, squid-un. I love it. If you're anything like me though, you'll end up picking through and throwing half of the "brisket" out. I just can't get all the fatty, unidentifiable stuff down. Some of it looks like stomach lining, which is not my thing. But the broth.....mmmm. So redolant of star anise and cilantro and black pepper.

                As our little guy jokes: "Food of the Gods!!!" He slurps up all of the broth with a straw.

                Check it out.

                I'm doing much better by the way, thanks for your well wishes. I'll offically be off the soupy stuff this weekend and we plan to celebrate by gorging ourselves with clam bellies on the Cape. How's that for a transition?

                Happy Fourth,