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Jun 23, 2006 01:39 AM

Sardine Bahn Mi?

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Anyone tried it? I saw it written on the side on the board at the Saigon Bahn Mi place on Mott near Grand.

How long has this been going on?

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  1. I've eaten them several times and love them. They've had them there for as long as I've been going there (~2 yrs.).



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    1. re: Nosher

      i love them and have enjoyed them for at least four years......

    2. Sardine Bahn Mi are commonplace, and taste just as you'd expect. If you like sardines, go for it. Only thing is that because of the toasted bread they boast an extra-fishy aroma. Wash it down with your durian shake and you'll be all right.

      1. Delicious and healthy. Dig them Omega 3's....

        1. I've seen them on the menu at various bahn mi places but I have never ordered it. Is the sandwich usually made with fresh sardines, canned sardines, dried sardines etc... ?

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          1. re: randumbposter

            Made w/ canned sardines, of course...

          2. hling i've had the sardine bahn mi several times, including about a month ago. it's delicious. i have enjoyed going thru the whole bahn mi menu there over the years.

            lately i have been venturing onward to the 8th ave bahn mi spots in sunset park in brooklyn.